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EXHIBIT Closed on February 2nd 2014

Eddie Soloway Workshop "The Art of Nature Photography" Jan 26, 2014 11AM

Juror: Eddie Soloway

Juror's Choice: "Reflections" by Bina Altera - Brooklyn, NY USA

Photograph the beauty of nature, five elements provide the foundation for our entire physical world.

Earth, and everything on it, is the product of different combinations of the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Everything found in our world is unique because it contains a varying ratio of these five elements.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:9 January 14
Artists' Reception:26 January 14 16:30
Exhibit Closes:2 February 14
Five Elements
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

Whether walking headfirst into a gale of wind or digging our hands into the soil, we possess an inherent familiarity with the elements. All organic and inorganic substances are combinations of them, be it a time-polished rock or a shiny piece of plastic. A multitude of spiritual practices revolve around these five important pieces of the universe.

We are looking for photographic depictions of the natural world. Landscapes, macro and micro shots, abstractions and realistic images that capture the beauty, uniqueness and magic which makes up our planet.

Juror's Statement:

I truly understand the emotional risk of submitting your heartfelt work to the scrutiny of someone else. If a juror selects your piece, he or she is an awesome judge. If your work is not selected, “What do they know?” But if we decide to bring our work into the world, and as we take the step to push our vision in new directions, two good things can happen regardless of whether we win or not. First, we get to explain our vision to others. To friends as we agonize over the selection, and to the viewer if our work is selected. It is often true that an image should rest on its own merits, but it is also true that being able to talk about your work brings clarity to our path. And second, if we are open, we can learn how to get better. There will always be people that just don’t get what we are doing, but there are often times when our vision is rough or our craft is not perfected. Putting work next to others is a way to better understand where we are on the creative journey.

I did my best to approach the submitted images with open eyes and an open mind. I love all kinds of photography, way outside the realm of what I personally create. I was looking for images that made me go “WOW”, and especially, a quiet “wow”. I responded to images that resonated about a place or conveyed a feeling. I appreciated images where the craft of photography was integrated into the finished piece.

These fifty-eight images are an exciting mix of what people with vision can create. They have made the first important step in creating the image I saw represented as a digital file. Now they get to make a beautiful print, the time-honored second half to photography. I look forward to seeing their efforts.

Eddie Soloway

Juror's Choice

Bina Altera
Brooklyn, NY USA
Ice #4
Honorable Mention

Jeff Clarke
Burlington, Vermont USA
Horizon Lines #01
Honorable Mention

Mark Stetler
Brooklyn, NY USA

The Sea, The Sky
Honorable Mention

Nick Winkworth
Menlo Park, CA USA
Zen Dolphins Eleven
Honorable Mention

Pauline Gola
Redondo Beach, CA USA
Early Ice, Essex, Vermont
People's Choice
Honorable Mention

Will Hoskins
Essex Junction, Vermont USA

Current Movement 2

Alice Kivlon
Kinnelon, NJ USA
...into blue

Andrew C. Eller, Jr.
Benton, Kentucky USA
Sand Dollar

Annette LeMay Burke
San Jose, CA USA


Bina Altera
Brooklyn, NY USA
Between Earth and Sky

Bryan Ballinger
Huntington, in USA
Waves #1 (BW)

Cate Brown
North Kingstown, RI USA

The Power of Nature, Iceland, 2013

Dave Rudin
Brooklyn, NY USA
Ice Over ... Fog In

David J. Griggs
Highgate Center, VT USA
The Winooski River from Colchester, Vermont

Diane Gabriel
Burlington, VT USA

Normandy, France

Diane Gabriel
Burlington, VT USA
Mississippi River

Dick Lavine
Austin, Texas USA
Elements III

Doug Johnson
Marlborough, Massachusetts USA

Pond in Summer

Eric Rennie
Cromwell, CT USA
Super Iceman

Francois Boutin
Quebec City, Quebec Canada
Canadian Geese

Gary Tobler
Colchester, VT USA

Lake George " Island In The Lake "

Gary Tobler
Colchester, VT USA

Geoffrey Agrons
Philadelphia, PA USA
Yosemite Falls By Moonlight

Jay Moore Photography
Columbia, MD USA

Birch Tree

Jeff Clarke
Burlington, Vermont USA

Julius Kassovic
Silver Spring, Maryland USA
Morning Has Broken

Karen Cohen
Washington, DC USA

The Weave

Katia Platonova
St.Petersburg, Russia
Platinum Sand Series

Katia Platonova
St.Petersburg, Russia

Kelly O'Neal
Burlington, VT USA

Knit together.

Kimberly Lane
Social Circle, GA USA
Crying Tree

Laird M. Bindrim
Philadelphia, PA USA
Wall of Fire

Law Hamilton
Rockport, MA USA

Air & Water No.82

Marc Ward
Dandridge, TN USA
Flow No.73

Marc Ward
Dandridge, TN USA
Wooden Portal

Maria Åkerblom
Järvsö, Sweden

The River

Marian Rubin
Montclair, NJ USA
Horizon Lines #03

Mark Stetler
Brooklyn, NY USA

Marnae Rathke
Salt Lake City, UT USA

Rain Colors

Miren Etcheverry
Cambridge, MA USA
Rock Harbor Nightfall

Miren Etcheverry
Cambridge, MA USA
Water Spirits

Olga Rook
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Still Waters

Olga Rook
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Iceland Beach Ice #1

Paul M. Murray
Jamestown, RI USA
Antarctica Occluded

Paul M. Murray
Jamestown, RI USA

Zen Dolphins Seven

Pauline Gola
Redondo Beach, CA USA
Quarries 7

Raphael Warshaw
Fairfax, Virginia USA
In Sync With Nature

Ricardo de Vicq de Cumpitch
Sao Paulo, SP Brazil


Ricardo de Vicq de Cumpitch
Sao Paulo, SP Brazil
Incoming Tide Triptych

Steven Millman
Boynton Beach, FL USA

Suzan Mandla
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Where it Ends

Thamyres VM
Blue Salar

Thamyres VM
Aria #1 - Wisconsin

Tim Lamey
Fargo, ND USA

Capri : Faraglioni

vittorio chiampan
verona, Italy italy

vittorio chiampan
verona, Italy italy
Rickshaw puller reflected in monsoon rain.

Walter Rothwell
London, UK

Midsummer Dream

Wil Scott
Annapolis, MD USA


  • Juror's Choice will also receive this signed copy of Beth Moon's Book "Between Earth and Sky"All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, a free exhibition catalog and a signed copy of Beth Moon's book Between Earth and Sky.
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror: Eddie Soloway

Eddie Soloway’s photographs are an expression of his passion and commitment to the natural world. His eye has developed during a lifetime of exploring the earth’s wild places. Former positions in educational workshop design, wilderness program development, and custom fine photographic printing have further honed his expertise. In 1998, Eddie was the first recipient of the Excellence in Photographic Teaching Award presented by the Santa Fe Center for Photography, and in 2011 Photo District News named Eddie one of the country's top workshop instructors. Today he divides his time between making fine-art prints, teaching, speaking on creativity and the photographic life, and furthering photographic publishing projects. He is the author of the book, One Thousand Moons, and the instructional DVD, A Natural Eye Workshop


Upcoming Exhibits


After 99 Exhibitions we're taking a break. 

Over the next month or two we are planning to do some work on our web site and better organize and advertise our inventory of fabulous prints we have been collecting. We also want to host a few more workshops and photographer community events.

Once we regroup, for our 100th exhibit, we are planning to host our 4th Champlain Valley Photo Slam Probably in November/December.

We really appreciate all the support we have received over the last seven years and queries from eager photographers about future exhibitions.

Stay tuned! 


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