Born in the UK in 1963, Tim Booth began taking photographs with his father’s camera at the age of eight. By he time he was a teenager he’d bought his first SLR, thrown on a backpack and headed off around Europe. Infected by both travel and photography he spent several years shooting freelance features for most of the UK’s weekend magazines and newspapers in Africa, Pakistan and South East Asia. Once settled back in the UK he shot commercial, corporate and design work from his London studio whilst also pursuing personal projects. His first exhibition ‘Into The Light’, shot whilst on assignments in Africa, was followed by the first ‘A Show Of Hands’ exhibition, which comprised his first fifty hands portraits. Now twenty-four years on and over a hundred hands later his book has been published to worldwide critical acclaim. He’s now based deep in the Dorset countryside in South West England, shooting people and landscapes for commercial clients both here and abroad, as well as the odd pair of hands to add to his collection.

Asked why he loves his work Tim replied – “Photography is all about passion. Passion for communication, passion for art, passion for light and for change. Every moment of every day there are pictures happening all over the world, and occasionally I’m lucky enough to witness some of them.”