Submissions to Multiples close in

Multiples2017-09-14William Albert Allard
Pathways and Passages2017-08-17Stephen Perloff
The Face2017-07-20Catherine Just
Abstraction2017-06-22Blue Mitchell
Streetwise2017-05-25Bruce Gilden
Chiaroscuro2017-04-27David H. Wells
BODY/IMAGE2017-03-30Gary Samson
BLACK & WHITE (& BLUE)2017-03-02Michael Kirchoff
Le Paysage2017-02-02Sandrine Hermand-Grisel
Dreams2017-01-05Susan Burnstine
In Stillness2016-12-08Diane Gabriel
Green2016-11-10Sarah Elise Abramson
Haunted2016-10-13Russell Joslin
The Environmental Portrait2016-09-15Shana Nys Dambrot
Optics Illusioned2016-08-18Lance Keimig
ARTifact2016-07-21Davy Rothbart
Manus et Pedibus2016-06-23Tim Booth
Construct: Art in Architecture2016-05-26Carlos Mínguez Carrasco
In the Moment2016-04-28Olaf Willoughby
Chroma2016-03-31Susan Spiritus
Culture2016-03-03Peter Turnley
Shadow and Light2016-02-04Taj Forer
Seities & Selves2016-01-07Aline Smithson
H2O2015-12-10Gary Braasch
Oddity2015-11-12Oliver Wasow
Curvilinear2015-10-15Sarah Hadley
Nocturne2015-09-17Lance Keimig
Reveal2015-08-20Daniel Power
War and Peace2015-07-23Nissan N. Perez
Natural Realm2015-06-25Dan Burkholder
Black & White2015-05-21Chris Kovacs
Semblance2015-04-23David J. Carol
Still Life/Life Still2015-03-26Yumi Goto
Lines2015-02-26Rebecca Senf
Chronograph2015-01-29Johan Hallberg-Campbell
Con[text]2015-01-02Tim Clark
Dreams and Hallucinations2014-12-04Russell Joslin
Far Away Places2014-11-06David H. Wells
Mirror, Mirror2014-10-09Amy Arbus
Wheels2014-09-11Darren Heath
Blue2014-08-14Joanna Hurley
XY: Masculinity in Photography2014-07-17George Awde
Impromptu2014-06-19Stella Kramer
Hue2014-05-22Al Satterwhite
Juxtapose2014-04-24Kyohei Abe
Into Focus: Vermont High School Students2014-04-03Fotovisura
Illumine2014-03-06Robert Hirsch
Love2014-02-06Joe DiMaggio, JoAnne Kalish
Five Elements2014-01-09Eddie Soloway
Faces2013-12-12Elizabeth Avedon
Feast2013-11-14Matt Armendariz
Make Believe2013-10-17Andy Bloxham
Real Life2013-09-19Saul Robbins
Color-blind2013-08-22Matthew Gamber
City2013-07-25Stephen Perloff
In Bloom2013-06-27Mark Sink, Kristen Hatgi Sink
We Are Family2013-05-30Chris Verene
2013 Champlain Valley Photo Slam2013-05-24Ken Signorello, Polly Raine, Denise Trotier Johnson
Trick of the Eye2013-05-02Benjamin Von Wong
SKIN2013-04-04Allen Birnbach
Lost and Found2013-03-07Davy Rothbart
Color Story2013-02-07Seth Resnick
Rare Earth2013-01-10William Neill
Photography by Design2012-12-13Joe Baraban
Personal Style: VT High School Photography Student Exhibit2012-11-22Jordan Douglas
Red2012-10-25Brooks Jensen, Maureen Gallagher
Id - The Object of Self2012-09-27Cig Harvey
Mobile-O-graphy2012-08-30Dan Burkholder
Among Trees2012-08-02Beth Moon
Secrets and Mysteries2012-07-05Catherine Edelman
Macro / Micro: Photographic Extremes2012-06-07Felice Frankel
2012 Champlain Valley Photo Slam2012-05-17Ken Signorello, Polly Raine, Denise Trotier Johnson
Night Light2012-04-19Linda Rutenberg
Spontaneous2012-03-22Nikos Economopoulos
MONOCHROMATIC2012-02-23Rafal Maleszyk
The Human Form2012-01-25Elizabeth Opalenik
The Built Environment2011-12-27Norman McGrath
Four Corners of the Earth2011-11-29George De Wolfe
Ways of Seeing: Vermont High School Students Only2011-11-08Shane Lavalette
Natural Playground2011-10-11Justin Gural, Corey Rich
Persona2011-09-13Chris Buck
Road Trip!2011-08-16Douglas Beasley
Down on the Farm2011-07-19Paul Mobley
Phone-o-graphic Arts2011-06-21Dan Burkholder
2011 Champlain Valley Photo Slam2011-05-30Ken Signorello, Polly Raine, Denise Trotier Johnson
Digital Concept/Digital Construct2011-05-03Suzette Troche-Stapp
A True Story 2011-04-05Peter Turnley
Fashioning Photography2011-03-07Bobby Mozumder
Human Artifact2011-02-07Dave Jordano
The Arrangement2011-01-11Paula Tognarelli
Scene on the Street2010-12-13ed kashi
Color: The Spice of Light2010-11-16Bruce K Haley Jr
Within The Frame: Vermont High School Students Only2010-11-01Jason Robinson
After Dark2010-10-04Tom Paiva
Managed Landscapes2010-09-06Thomas Bachand
Interactive Portraits2010-08-08Graham Gordon Ramsay
In the Wild2010-07-11Dave Watts
Wedding Story2010-06-13Cliff Mautner
Beautiful Things2010-05-16Ronn Orenstein


Upcoming Exhibits


After 99 Exhibitions we're taking a break. 

Over the next month or two we are planning to do some work on our web site and better organize and advertise our inventory of fabulous prints we have been collecting. We also want to host a few more workshops and photographer community events.

Once we regroup, for our 100th exhibit, we are planning to host our 4th Champlain Valley Photo Slam Probably in November/December.

We really appreciate all the support we have received over the last seven years and queries from eager photographers about future exhibitions.

Stay tuned! 


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