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Wendi Schneider
Denver, Co USA
The States of Grace series comprises painterly Figura, Flora and Fauna images to illuminate the grace of the natural world. Drawn to the sinuous lines of nature, I capture the fleeting beauty that is often overlooked, to preserve the mystical moment that takes my breath away. I photograph intuitively - what I feel, as much as what I see. Informed by a background in oil painting and art history, I seek a personal interpretation rather than a strict representation, to find a balance between the real and the imagined. Some are layered with other images; most are printed with pigment ink on vellum with white gold leaf applied to the back of the image. Within the editions the prints may differ in color, texture, and, as the gilding varies, each is unique. Others are printed on metallic paper or aluminum. A Pictorialist who delights in the sensual, I thrive on visualizing grace in the details, to awaken a sensation that instills the serenity I feel while creating these tender adorations.




Natural Realm

Egret, Reflected

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