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Karen A. Merritt
Portland, Maine USA
Karen Merritt is a Maine-based film photographer who focuses principally on the details, quiet interactions and unexpected beauty of the urban environment. Karen relies on natural light and strives for the creative documentation of what is offered – often accidentally and sometimes unconsciously – by the overlap of distinct layers of simultaneous cityscape imagery. Her work is an exploration of the details – a gesture, a juxtaposition, an unexpected framing – and the ways in which a sensation or experience can be built from what is seen and how it – or we – reflect and are, in turn, reflected. Sometimes the most revelatory component of an image, after all, is in the shadow that passes behind us. In this context, we are all the viewer. Karen’s work can be conceptualized as a walking meditation – the same street on a different day, the same day at a different time, the same time in a different mood. 12 frames per roll. One roll per meditation. Paced always to the environment.


The Face


Honorable Mention
In Stillness

Manus et Pedibus

Mudra (Phoebe; Congress x High)
Manus et Pedibus

Prayer (Phoebe; Congress x High)


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