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Stephan Brigidi
Bristol, Rhode island USA

I have prepared a number of statements about my work over the years, and have often focused upon a particular theme or specific interest. Now at this mid career stage as I approach such a summary statement, it causes me to pause and assess the greater picture of the work itself. Whether I have made photographs, collages, or other media, my curiosities have simply been to look at humanity. I have always come from a somewhat cultural perspective. This has certainly begun with my own background and heritage, and has brought me to spend vast amounts of time in Italy toward a greater understanding of my own culture. This is an absolutely ongoing process, most especially observing and recording the many cultural changes in Italy over now a thirty-five year period. My intent is mostly to focus upon book making, now about to release my fourth title, The Fire of Rome.



Tuscan Woman, Pietrasanta 1978


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