Dear Darkroom Gallery:
I love you guys!! And, I did, even before winning this amazing honor of a Master! Wow! Moi?


I love your interaction and communication with the artists; the fact that you make it affordable to not only submit to your exhibits but allow for affordable and convenient framing options which make it easier and less cost prohibitive for shipping work as well. You are aware that even though the costs to submit work seems relatively inexpensive, it sure does add up: the cost of inks and paper, the matting, the framing, the glass, the shipping, etc. I fully appreciate the fact that I don't have to pack and ship framed work and also invest in multiple frames.
Thank you again, for this awesome honor! You're the best!
Marian Rubin





HJ:This is a really great thing that you all are doing.



I've seen that in other things you do. For example, I noticed a long time ago that when I search for my photos on-line, my gallery submissions always show up prominently in the results (I am guessing that you pay attention to Google seo). You are also helping to create a community with the active use of social media.


Add to that great jurors, challenging themes, speakers, etc.


I also like how the images for the Masters are easily accessible in a group. Each one has a different (and successful) approach. I learn by looking at their images.


I also learn something new every time I work on images for a theme. I doubt most people know how much they can gain from really exploring a theme.


I did check out the sites of the other photographers to get an idea of what to include. I am working on an artist statement and hope to finish it within the next few days.

Thank you again,


best wishes,

Hugh Jones


This is one of my favorite places to show my photography. It is easy to enter the juried shows. The schedule for entries, notification and delivery of the work to the gallery shows that they understand the work that must be done to prepare for a show. The matting and framing options they offer make it easy to participate in a show at minimal cost. And the shows are beautiful. They get good jurors who assemble a great set of photos for each show. The gallery is very nice and the work is very well presented. I can't think of a better place to enter a juried show.




Craig BlacklockThis Land
Amy Holmes GeorgeThe Portrait
Elizabeth OpalenikWet
Ralph HassenpflugSurreal
Michael PannierTrees
Wendi SchneiderMetamorphosis
Saul RobbinsPersonal Perspective
Christy KarpinskiOpen - 2018
Timo Evon, Paul Dandurand, Mark Waskow2018 Champlain Valley Photo Slam
William Albert AllardMultiples
Stephen PerloffPathways and Passages
Catherine JustThe Face
Blue MitchellAbstraction
Bruce GildenStreetwise
David H. WellsChiaroscuro
Michael KirchoffBLACK & WHITE (& BLUE)
Sandrine Hermand-GriselLe Paysage
Susan BurnstineDreams
Diane GabrielIn Stillness
Sarah Elise AbramsonGreen
Russell JoslinHaunted
Shana Nys DambrotThe Environmental Portrait
Lance KeimigOptics Illusioned
Davy RothbartARTifact
Tim BoothManus et Pedibus
Carlos Mínguez CarrascoConstruct: Art in Architecture
Olaf WilloughbyIn the Moment
Susan SpiritusChroma
Peter TurnleyCulture
Taj ForerShadow and Light
Aline SmithsonSeities & Selves
Gary BraaschH2O
Oliver WasowOddity
Sarah HadleyCurvilinear
Lance KeimigNocturne
Daniel PowerReveal
Nissan N. PerezWar and Peace
Dan BurkholderNatural Realm
Chris KovacsBlack & White
David J. CarolSemblance
Yumi GotoStill Life/Life Still
Rebecca SenfLines
Johan Hallberg-CampbellChronograph
Tim ClarkCon[text]
Russell JoslinDreams and Hallucinations
David H. WellsFar Away Places
Amy ArbusMirror, Mirror
Darren HeathWheels
Joanna HurleyBlue
George AwdeXY: Masculinity in Photography
Stella KramerImpromptu
Al SatterwhiteHue
Kyohei AbeJuxtapose
FotovisuraInto Focus: Vermont High School Students
Robert HirschIllumine
Joe DiMaggio, JoAnne KalishLove
Eddie SolowayFive Elements
Elizabeth AvedonFaces
Matt ArmendarizFeast
Andy BloxhamMake Believe
Saul RobbinsReal Life
Matthew GamberColor-blind
Stephen PerloffCity
Mark Sink, Kristen Hatgi SinkIn Bloom
Chris VereneWe Are Family
Ken Signorello, Polly Raine, Denise Trotier Johnson2013 Champlain Valley Photo Slam
Benjamin Von WongTrick of the Eye
Allen BirnbachSKIN
Davy RothbartLost and Found
Seth ResnickColor Story
William NeillRare Earth
Joe BarabanPhotography by Design
Jordan DouglasPersonal Style: VT High School Photography Student Exhibit
Brooks Jensen, Maureen GallagherRed
Cig HarveyId - The Object of Self
Dan BurkholderMobile-O-graphy
Beth MoonAmong Trees
Catherine EdelmanSecrets and Mysteries
Felice FrankelMacro / Micro: Photographic Extremes
Ken Signorello, Polly Raine, Denise Trotier Johnson2012 Champlain Valley Photo Slam
Linda RutenbergNight Light
Nikos EconomopoulosSpontaneous
Elizabeth OpalenikThe Human Form
Norman McGrathThe Built Environment
George De WolfeFour Corners of the Earth
Shane LavaletteWays of Seeing: Vermont High School Students Only
Justin Gural, Corey RichNatural Playground
Chris BuckPersona
Douglas BeasleyRoad Trip!
Paul MobleyDown on the Farm
Dan BurkholderPhone-o-graphic Arts
Ken Signorello, Polly Raine, Denise Trotier Johnson2011 Champlain Valley Photo Slam
Suzette Troche-StappDigital Concept/Digital Construct
Peter TurnleyA True Story
Bobby MozumderFashioning Photography
Dave JordanoHuman Artifact
Paula TognarelliThe Arrangement
ed kashiScene on the Street
Bruce K Haley JrColor: The Spice of Light
Jason RobinsonWithin The Frame: Vermont High School Students Only
Tom PaivaAfter Dark
Thomas BachandManaged Landscapes
Graham Gordon RamsayInteractive Portraits
Dave WattsIn the Wild
Cliff MautnerWedding Story
Ronn OrensteinBeautiful Things

One of the most frequent questions we get from exhibitors is: what price should I set on my work? We want your work to sell just as much you do. There are many factors to consider and this list may help:

Photography Galleries are popping up all over, both on-line and as brick and mortar.  Many run juried or otherwise competitive entry exhibits. Some require an entry fee and some offer free entry in exchange for your photo. This page is intended to highlight the things that we think make the Darkroom Gallery different. There are quite a few and we will be adding to this list so check it from time to time.

Photographer Profile Starting in 2017 we created a link for every exhibited photographer that shows their complete exhibition history here at the Darkroom Gallery, a link to their web site and social media sites, a profile photo and an artist's statement.
Juror Critiques We've added the ability for jurors to make critiques on individual images in July 2015. Not all juror's agree to offer this extra and there is an additional cost but when available it can add valuable insight into what makes an image successful or not and/or what is needed to make it so. 
Credit Card Security You'll notice that when you check out on our site you are transported to either eProcessing or Paypal.  You never enter your Credit Card info on our site so we can't store it.  We don't think we can protect your sensitive information better than can these two eCommerce providers.
Things Change We know that nothing is constant and you never know when inspiration or happenstance results in a new fabulous image. So we let you change your submissions right up till the last minute.  You can add more images, replace images, change titles etc.  Even after you have already checked out. You can do it on-line 24/7. 
Darkroom Gallery Masters After three years of great photography exhibitions, we noticed that a handful of photographers are "regulars". We created the Darkroom Gallery Masters program to acknowledge their consistently excellent work and support of the Darkroom Gallery in our mission.
We're Open Of course exhibitors' work from our current and all of our past exhibits are displayed on our web site 24/7; but our gallery is also open 6 days a week 5 hours a day - 11am to 4pm - and other times by appointment. 
Promotion vs Protection It's a challenge balancing promotion vs protection. We certainly prevent simple right/ctrl click copy of images off our web site. But we go one step further to protect your work from being misappropriated. The images we show to the public are down sampled to 360,000 pixels. (all aspect ratios get equal representation). Not just scaled. Large enough to appreciate on a screen but too small for quality reproduction when scraped with a screen capture utility.
Size Does Not Matter We don't want to cramp your style. Since we opened in 2010 we've hung works as large as five feet long and never turned anyone away because their work was too large.  We've even added magnetic boards so that very large prints can be displayed without framing. As long as we know in advance, we'll try to accommodate any size work.
Use Our Frames Shipping framed work increases expense and risks damage.  Unless your framing is an integral part of your work, consider using our frames. It's free! We have four frame sizes and six mat configurations. Our frames are Nielson metal flat black with clean flat surfaces. We use reflection control conservation UV protection glass. Our mats are precut rag mats, so naturally acid free, and white.
Walls Only Our exhibitions are physical exhibitions only. Sure, having an additional on-line only group of selections increases the number of chosen works, but we think the exposure isn't the same and certainly the probability of sale is less if not nil. Our response to increasing submissions has been to increase our wall space. We currently can and have displayed exhibitions of up to 69 works.
Last Minute Changes Ever wish you could change an entry you've already made? We understand that you might capture a great new image or figure out a new take on one you've already submitted.  Now you can delete and replace images in your entry right up till the last minute.  So, enter early and adjust your entry if something unexpected comes up.  It will make less stress for us all at the deadline.
More Information on What Hangs We have always allowed photographers to enter a 250 character description which is displayed on gallery labels and in exhibit  catalogs.  We just added three separate fields for information about equipment, processing and printing methods that let photographers answer the most common questions we get about prints at the gallery. This information shows on exhibit labels, is hover over info in the online gallery, and is printed in the exhibit catalog.
Details Details Details It's a little thing, but photographers know it's the little things that count. When we generate thumbnails for our juror review page and on-line gallery we create them all with the same area.  Panoramas get the same space as portrait or square images. When images are all the same width, which is typical, landscape images are at a disadvantage over portrait oriented images.  Not here.
View and Be Viewed This feature allows you to see all the entries for an exhibit - not just those selected. You must be willing to share yours and only those from others willing to share can be seen.  Usually this is about 80% of all entries.  A great way to gain insight into the juror's selection process. Read more...
Fast Exhibit Selection
Our proprietary on-line juror review and selection system lets us get submissions into the hands of our jurors within 24 hours of submission close with results announced within one week of submissions close, sometimes within 4 days. Jurors have remarked at the ease of review and selection.
Entries are Anonomized
We do not depend on uploaded file names to keep track of which image belongs to which photographer. So jurors can't tell, from the file name, if an image comes from one of their workshop participants, a student, or a friend.
Jurors Jurors are set when we announce an exhibit. You always know who will judge your work before you make a submission. We seek established jurors who have a demonstrated knowledge and/or body of work related to the theme of the exhibit they will judge. Here is a list of past jurors.
Complete Exhibit History
All of our past exhibits, with a complete gallery, are on-line and available for view on our web site. See our past exhibits here.
Low Cost of Participation If selected for one of our exhibits all you need do is get us a print. We supply the frame and mat. So participating in our exhibits can cost as little as the entry fee and cost of a print and shipping. Read more...
Recognition Prizes

We don't have a budget for large cash prizes - at least not yet - but our juror's choice receives a vinyl banner featuring their image. Juror's Choice, Honorable Mention, and our People's Choice each get a coupon for free entry into a future exhibit.

We Mark What Sells Of course we want to create great exhibits that draw photography lovers and collectors from our region. But we really consider ourselves successful when we sell your work. We share that success by marking what sold, on-line, in our on-line galleries.
Exhibit Catalogs We produce an exhibit catalog for almost all of our exhibits.  You can see and purchase them at PrestoPhoto
Photographer Community The photographer community supports us and we support the photographer community.  We run two regional events per year.  We host many local photo club meetings as well as classes and seminars by exhibit jurors.
Our Gallery Our gallery is a 1300 square foot store front space in a downtown block building. We have over 130 feet of linear perimeter wall space with eleven foot ceilings and hardwood floor.
We're International We accept and have displayed work from photographers that hail from over 35 different countries. Our print service makes it easy for distant photographers to participate.
Artists' Receptions Although certainly not unique we think giving the public a chance to meet our exhibitors and for our exhibitors to meet each other is very important in the growth of any artist. We love hearing the stories behind the images we display and always have refreshments including adult beverages.

Exhibitor History


For general questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For questions about a submission, a file you've sent, or issues regarding a payment email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Phone number is (802) 777-FOTO ; (802) 777-3686

Our address is

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