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The Art of Nature Photography
a workshop with Eddie Soloway
 Sunday, January 26th, 2014 11AM-4:00PM

©Eddie SolowayIf you love photographing the outdoors, yet find that your images still look like pretty postcards, join Eddie Soloway for an idea-filled seminar designed to push your vision of the natural world in new directions. Eddie’s presentations are known for being clear and creative, and this day of sessions will re-kindle the way you look at the world, and re-charge your photographic journey.

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"Watch Your Back!" Photographers' Rights in the 21st Century March 21st, 2011

This talk will introduce photographers to the concepts of protection, management, and merchandising of their work by long time NY professional photographer, visual arts lawyer and educator Len Speier.

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Peter Turnley: "Moments of the Human Condition-1972-Present". April 12, 2011

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PETER TURNLEY was educated in French Literature and International Relations, inspiring his truly International work. For the past quarter century, he has been photographing in more than eighty-five countries, capturing world conflict, and several major geo-political moments.  His portraits of political, cultural, and religious leaders as well as photo essays of a variety of social realities additionally weight his extensive, ever-expanding portfolio.   He has published five books:  “Beijing Spring”, “Moments of Revolution”, “In Times of War and Peace”, “Parisians”, and “McClellan Street”. His images have been published in International magazines including Stern, Paris Match, Geo, Life, National Geographic, the London Sunday Times, Le Monde, and Doubletake. Additionally, Turnley’s photographs have been showcased on the cover of Newsweek magazine over forty times. We are thrilled to have him speak at our gallery about his extensive experience as a successful Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer.


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