EXHIBIT Closed on January 27th 2019

Juror: Ralph Hassenpflug

Juror's Choice Bubble man © Joanna Stuart

If you describe something as surreal, you mean that the elements in it are combined in a way you would not normally expect, as in a dream.

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Exhibit Opens:20 December 18
Artists' Reception:5 January 19 16:00
Exhibit Closes:27 January 19
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

 Anyone who’s taken a lot of photos has  undoubtedly created an image, either intentionally or by accident, which has an element or elements that don’t quite fit, that look out of place. This can be pleasing or disturbing, it can be  subtle, like something fleetingly glimpsed in the corner of the eye. Or it can be a jarring and distinct part of the composition –for example the paintings of Magritte or the photos of Man Ray.  



Juror's Statement:

Well, this was fun. Looking at all these images was a great experience and pleasure.

Many of the images were good, well executed and showing voice and narrative. Among those, unfortunately, not all were a good fit for the subject but I would have chosen them under a different headline.

Some of the images were surprising and subtle and ambiguous and that is really what I am looking for when it comes to art in general. Successful photography always leaves room for the story of the viewer to click with the one of the artist. There is always a narrative that goes deeper than the purely personal. That's what we are looking for as photographers and artists.

Concerning the majority of images which didn't make the cut I would like to say that I see a genuine desire for expression that gets cut short by the overuse of props and fashionable editing.

To sum up my experience with the images I have chosen, I think there is a good deal of new photography out there, worth watching and following.

                                                                                                                                         Ralph Hassenpflug, Camden ME  November, 2018