EXHIBIT Closed on October 7th 2011


Juror: Chris Buck

Dream Eater by Brandy Worsfold of Citrus Heights, CA, USA

Juror's Choice: Dream Eater by Brandy Worsfold
of Citrus Heights, CA, USA

Chris Buck chose 46 images beyond the traditional portrait - more than just a eloquently captured face.  They include uncanny, parody, distortions, subtle suggestions and in-your-face implications.  For “Persona” we sought portraits devised outside the box (or in one, if applicable). We called for captured characters.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:13 September 11
Artists' Reception:TBD
Exhibit Closes:7 October 11
Exhibit Catalog now available at PrestoPhoto

The Darkroom Gallery Difference

There can be more to a superb portrait than a superb likeness of an individual a the testimony to their soul can be visioned way beyond the eyes.  How much can you tell us about a person with just one image?  Their life story?  Perhaps.  How did you show the idiosyncrasies, quirks, that make your sitters both physically and emotionally, individuals?  We can’t wait to fill our gallery walls with a newly visioned kind of face - portrait as character and caricature. 

Juror's Statement:
It was really a joy going through this work - playful, inventive and skillful. I love that there was a leaning towards the surreal and the psychological in much of the work. I want to mention that a number of impressive pieces were cut as they didn't relate strongly enough to the portrait theme, particularly some fashion work and street photography.
Chris Buck

Dream Eater
Juror's Choice

Brandy Worsfold
Citrus Heights, California USA
Brian as the photographer

Allison Welch
Coralville, IA USA
Resurrection – Pamela and Toma

Arnold Reinisch
Graz, Austria

Not Outside

Bryan Ballinger
Huntington, in USA
Invidia, Eight Temptations series

Catlin Harrison
London, England U.K

Claude Peschel Dutombe
Bangkok, Thailand

Rose #2

Claude Peschel Dutombe
Bangkok, Thailand
Josephine, widowed

Dan Cook
Philadelphia, PA USA
Faces On The Street 21

Dick Sanders
La Quinta, CA USA


Elisabeth Neville
Marblehead, MA USA

Emily Friedensohn
Essex Jct., VT USA
M'as tu vu ?

Florent LIARD
Clisson, loire atlantique France

Gold Dust Girls

Geneviève Thauvette
Ottawa, ON Canada
People's Choice

gideon ansell
boston, ma usa

gideon ansell
boston, ma usa

Street Fair Photographer

Harry Sandler
Mount Vernon, NY USA

Harry Sandler
Mount Vernon, NY USA
Dorothy In Oz

Hugh Jones
Arlington, VA USA


Hugh Jones
Arlington, VA USA
Jiving With Miro

Hugh Jones
Arlington, VA USA
Soccer Team—Peter Kronblad

Ida Rödén
San Francisco, California USA

The Only One

Jason Sanqui
Walnut, CA USA

Jesse Fox
Crescent Springs, KY USA
Ronald's Daughter

Jesse Fox
Crescent Springs, KY USA


Joni Kabana
Portland, OR USA
A Dog and Her Boy.
People's Choice

Kathy Hudson
Williston, VT USA
Insubstantial Presence

Keith Parks
La Mesa, CA USA

Kelly and Amy (with Speck)

Kristin Skees
Hampton, Virginia USA
Susanne Staun, Danish crime writer.

Laerke Posselt
Copenhagen K, Denmark
Melica Mehraban, Danish-Iranian actress.

Laerke Posselt
Copenhagen K, Denmark


Lester Blum
New York, NY USA
Pink Elephant

Matt Neckers
Eden, VT USA
Damon - College Student

Michael Middleton
Summit, NJ USA

Me Shadow With Glasses

Michael Teres
Geneseo, NY USA

Michael Teres
Geneseo, NY USA

Brussels, Belgium

Untitled 2

Nigel Lord
Dorchester, Dorset UK
Matt V.

Patrick Lancaster
Williston, VT USA

Paul Scott Page
Hyrum, UT USA

Her Bed

Pembrooke Werden
Dublin, NH USA

Pembrooke Werden
Dublin, NH USA
Loving Dead 2.0

Pere Ibañez
Barcelona, SPAIN

Pieces of Me: Fat

R.L. Gibson
Gatlinburg, TN USA
John Gibby (from the "Multiverse" series)

Stephanie Landry
Baton Rouge, LA USA
Me and my name

Timothy Dicke
Yellowstone NP, Wy USA


Vincent Serbin
Lake Katrine, NY USA

Juror:  Chris Buck

We’re thrilled to have Chris Buck as inspiration and aesthetic eye for “Persona “  His portraits have been surprising us, making us laugh, causing us to ask questions, and inspiring us to think outside of the box for years.  His brand of image making (over two decades worth) infuses wit with uncommon gesture and implied meaning.   He tells more than a story – he creates tales (sometimes through pure expression).  Chris was the first recipient for the Arnold Newman Portrait Prize (2007), which we think he so rightfully deserved!  His clients include IBM, Microsoft, Moviefone, Citibank, GQ, Blender and The New York Times Magazine.  From uncanny celebrity portraits, to advertising humor, to editorial wisdom, Chris Buck has offered us a very special take on our world of Personas.  His bio is in the pictures – catch a glimpse into Chris Buck’s kind at www.chrisbuck.com.

A road trip is synonymous with nostalgia; they are opportunities for memorable moments of exploration and experience.  The best road trips are the ones that offer us indelible experiences - experiences touching the things and people that we barely get to know and may never see again, but which leave lifelong impressions.

Where have you been?  What and whom did you see?  How did you see them?  Whether it was from a convertible or a bicycle, on trailer or train, boat, parachute or via your own two feet, you’ve captured the essence of the freedoms and inspirations we feel being ‘on the road’.   Show us the photographic moments you’ve captured that will inspire our next trip.