EXHIBIT Closed on May 13th 2012

Juror: Linda Rutenberg

Juror's Choice:Vision Quest Site by Val Brinkerhoff - Elk Ridge, UT USA

Night photography reveals a world that we do not consciously see and offers photographers unique creative opportunities.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:19 April 12
Artists' Reception:22 April 12 00:00
Exhibit Closes:13 May 12
Night Light
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

Night and day, dark and light - one implies the absence of the other.  But like yin yang, each has a bit of the other. The surprising thing to first time night photographers is how their images reveal things that the mind's eye does not see.  Different light sources reveal their true colors. Compared to daylight, directed and weaker light creates drama, contrast, mystery and mood. The dynamic range of light at night tends to be more in line with our tools abilities. Of course there are technical challenges with shooting in low light, but also tremendous creative opportunities. That's what we want to show with this exhibit. Do you work with existing light - or do you introduce your own? Maybe you paint with light emitting light brushes. How have you approached shooting at night to express your vision?

We want to see.

Juror's Statement:

It was very exciting reviewing the submissions for the contest.. They were varied, experimental in nature and people used their imaginations and tried different approaches. Some were very long exposures where we could see the movement of the stars, there was a lot of light painting, double exposures and then thoughtful and compositionally interesting night shots…

I think if there is one comment that I can make it would be that one must consider the composition.. I think a lot of people are just thrilled to get a good exposure and forget about the focus and the composition.. However, those two elements make the different e between the good shots and the great ones….

Linda Rutenberg

Vision Quest Site
Juror's Choice

Val Brinkerhoff
Elk Ridge, UT USA
Honorable Mention

Jean Remy Davée Guimarães
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil
White Light
Honorable Mention

Jorge de la Torriente
Miami, FL USA

Manarola, Cinque Terre
People's Choice

Lou Borie
Richmond, VT USA
Steps, Midnight.

Adam Paul Verity
Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK
Wall, 2am.

Adam Paul Verity
Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK

Passing Through 7

Ajay Malghan
Laytonsville, MD USA
Before And After

Andrew Merlino
San Francisco, CA USA
Self-Portrait in Minneapolis

Anita Licis-Ribak
Barcelona, Catalunya Spain

Midnight Lady

Ashly Covington
Mechanicsville, VA USA
Old-Fashioned New England Winter

Bert Halstead
Belmont, MA USA
Alpine Cliffside

Bert Halstead
Belmont, MA USA

In a night-club. London, UK. 2012

Billy Macrae
London, Greater London UK
Gregory Lopez park 10:45p.m

Brandon Soder
Santa Fe, NM USA
North Franklin (whacked)

Brendan Eaton
Montpelier, VT USA


Brendan Eaton
Montpelier, VT USA
late night visitor

Carmen Spitznagel
Sandberg-Waldberg, Germany
Bridge Lines

Carrie-Anne Gonzalez
East Northport, NY USA


Corey Rondeau
Burlington, VT USA
Myanmar, Yangon Twins

CS Lee
Kuala Kurau, Perak Malaysia

Dan Squires
Arlington, MA USA

You're Coming

Daniel Baird-Miller
Somerville, MA USA

Diego Meek-Fernandez
Mesa, AZ USA
Night Walk

Diego Meek-Fernandez
Mesa, AZ USA

Abandoned in Darkness

Dottie Campbell
Baltimore, Maryland USA
Surprise Shower

durga Garcia
Williston, SC USA
Traveling Night Light

Elisabeth Pollaert Smith
Larchmont, NY USA


Evgeny Vasenev
Seattle, WA United States
Rutsche Germany

Fabian Freese
42553 Velbert, NRW Germany
Pont de Bir Hakeim at Night - Paris

Gary Zuercher
Washington, DC USA

Puzzle Box

Geoffrey Agrons
Philadelphia, PA USA
Montréal and the snow

Hautcoeur Julien
Gatineau, Québec Canada
Full Moon Soliloquy, Venice, CA 2011 3/15

J. K. Lavin
Venice, CA USA

Reflections of a dream/ Venice canal behind Fenice

Celestial harp / elevation of soul and transfigura

Night Work

Jeff McCrum
Cranford, NJ USA

East Boston Dreams

Jeff McCrum
Cranford, NJ USA
Bethlehem Blue

Jeff McCrum
Cranford, NJ USA
Beach Lights

Jorge de la Torriente
Miami, FL USA

Olmsted tree

Katherine Moxhet
South Burlington, VT USA
What Glitters is Gold

Kevin Green
Charleston, IL USA

Lance Keimig
Pembroke, MA USA

Night Skate 9023

Laurent Aapro
Genève, Switzerland
Faerie 428

Laurent Aapro
Genève, Switzerland
Hong Kong Night

mark french
ellesmere port, cheshire uk

Cool Winters Night 01

Myron Freeman
Cambridge, MA USA
Night Shoot

Paul Dandurand
South Burlington, VT USA
Crossing the Street

Paul Dandurand
South Burlington, VT USA


Paul Sisson
Broomfield, CO USA
Pont Neuf, Paris, 1999

Robert Hecht
San Rafael, CA USA
Saranac River in Moonlight

Russ Hartung
Morrisonville, NY USA

Kodachrome Night

Sergio Dennis
Torrance, CA USA
Bombay Beach, Salton Sea.

Sergio Dennis
Torrance, CA USA
All Worn Out

Stephanie Nutt
Oregon, WI USA

Nightfall Comes to Cusco #2: The Overpass

Teresa Hernández
Sand Lake, MI USA
Hovenweep Castle

Val Brinkerhoff
Elk Ridge, UT USA
Jakob and the Whitetails

William Harper
Evanston, IL USA

Rhythm in Blues

William Horton
Boulder, CO USA
Other Considerations

wilson hurst
warrensburg, missouri USA
Spirits of Water

Yoong Wah Alex Wong
Istanbul, Turkey

Juror: Linda Rutenberg

Linda Rutenberg, a Montreal-born native, who has been a photographer for 30 years. Her MFA in Photography is from Concordia University. She's taught photography and worked as a freelance photographer for thirty years. Her fine art work has been exhibited internationally. She has produced several series:- Urban Visions, Sacred Sites, Terre Caliente, One Island - Many Cities, Mont Royal - A World Apart, The Spiritual Landscape and is presently working on a nocturnal garden series.

Linda has become particularly known for her striking images of flowers taken at night, revealed in a series of books, starting with The Garden at Night: Private Views of Public Edens (2007),After Midnight (2008)and The English Garden at Night (2009).

We're fortunate to have a dedicated to the night photographer serving as juror for Night Light.