EXHIBIT Closed on November 30th 2014

Juror: David H. Wells

Juror's Choice: "Ruins Jumieges, Normandy" by Geoffrey Agrons from Kensington, CA USA

Photographs that transport you to a unique time and location, that portray a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, images that have no geographical limitations.

Travel the world and capture the many communities, landscapes and cityscapes that make up this planet.  From barren deserts to icebergs floating in the sea the natural environs are numerous, then take into account the human societies continually evolving in these latitudes: from bustling metropolises to single room dwellings.  And what of the anthropological side of things? How do the multitudes of communities forge their lives? What is the underlying current that makes each tick? 

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:6 November 14
Artists' Reception:30 November 14 16:30
Exhibit Closes:30 November 14
Far Away Places
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

The rituals that make up a culture's daily schedule defined by the colors, materials and textures: the sensual complexities of a community.  Photography has been documenting this world, with it's melting pot of people and places, since the advent of the art-form. Travel photography allows us to go places and see sights without ever leaving the comfort of our own armchairs. 

For this exhibit we called for images that deftly define locations all their own.  Far away can easily be a close by locale, but reinterpreted in a way to feel exotic.  From the far corners of your backyard to the far away country it takes weeks to traverse to, we want to see where you end up when you go "far away".

Juror's Statement:

I kept in mind the call for entries: "From the far corners of your backyard to the far away country it takes weeks to traverse to, we want to see where you end up when you go 'far away'."  As I was selecting the winners, I enjoyed going around the world with the 114 photographers who submitted 632 images. Yet, some of the best work was not made in a far away, foreign land either, reminding us that the idea of far away is as much about a mental or emotional journey as it is a physical one.  The best images were technically flawless and perfectly composed.  They had one or more added elements, be it an especially dramatic time of day, an unusual angle, an experiment with time or with focus, for example.  Some, but not all then had an element of post production that supported the narrative in the image, be that making the image B + W or pinhole or panorama, etc.  These added elements ALWAYS supported the story in the photograph and never looked like they were thrown in to improve an otherwise mediocre image.

The Juror's Choice goes to "Ruins Jumieges, Normandy".  This has all the elements I noted above.  The light is magical, the composition dynamic, the birds flying through make it a moment, the choice of black and white adds to the drama and the square format keeps our attention within the image unlike a rectangular image, which tends to move the viewer through the image.  The photographer who submitted it may have taken a look at my work in advance and seen how I use the play of light and shadow in much of my work. One reviewer wrote “Wells uses light like a surgeon.” That idea, previewing the juror’s work and adjusting the submission accordingly, can improve your chances.  

It was a real thrill to go around the world in a weekend (which is how long it took me to pick the winners.)   I never had to go through security, fight for a seat or argue with a surly customer service representative.  Sure, going all those places would have been real blast, but seeing those places and those people enabled me to go “Far Away” from the comfort of my home.

David H. Wells

Ruins Jumieges, Normandy
Juror's Choice

Geoffrey Agrons
Philadelphia, PA USA
Cut-Throat Cuban Style
Honorable Mention

John Dubuc
South Burlington, Vermont USA
Golden Glow
Honorable Mention

Partha Roy
Singapore, Singapore USA

Old San Juan
Honorable Mention

Paul Kessel
New York, NY USA
Main Courtyard in Afternoon Sun, Machu Picchu, Peru
People's Choice

Kip Harris
Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia Canada
Wood for the Campfire

Allan Kliger
Toronto, Ontario Canada


Amanda Marie Harner
Damascus, Maryland USA

April McPherson
Cedar City, UT USA
Does Anybody See a Picture?

Bert Halstead
Belmont, MA USA

Monastary- Puri, India

Bijoy Mishra
Seattle, WA USA
Ice Cream Vendor in Chandipur, India

Bijoy Mishra
Seattle, WA USA
Lalibella Priest

Bill Purcell
Portland, OR USA

Ethiopian Shepherd

Bill Purcell
Portland, OR USA

Bill Purcell
Portland, OR USA

Corey Rondeau
Burlington, VT USA

WWII Memorial Window

Daniel J Elliott
Brooklyn, NY USA
Archer in Competition, Nikko, Japan, 2005

Dave Rudin
Brooklyn, NY USA

Diane Gayer
Burlington, VT USA


Don Rice
Gainesville, Florida USA
Far From The Ocean

Gene Cheltenham
Los Angeles, California USA

Graciela Stinnes
Essen, Germany

Watching the Break

Jennifer Carr
Virginia Beach, VA USA
Economic Regality

Jess Walter
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Navajo Shadowlands

Jim Gambaro
Belchertown, MA USA

Il Duomo, Firenze, at the Heart of the Renaissance

Julie O'Connor
Weston, CT USA
A Winter Tree

Jun Ishikura
Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan
Paradise in Ruins

Karen J. Lloyd
Winooski, VT USA

Golden City

Kathleen Taylor
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
The Face in the Sky, close by and far away, unveils a Secret

Katia Platonova
St.Petersburg, Russia
View from the Office

Lisa Allen
Washington, District of Columbia USA

Circling the Arc de Triomphe

Louise Halstead
Belmont, MA USA
Moonrise over the Mare Nostrum

Italian Riviera, Italy
the Breakfast Guest

Margrieta Jeltema


Mark Melnick
Palm Desert, CA USA
Two Trees, Etosha

Mark Olwick
Seattle, WA USA
Morning Has Broken, Bagan

Mary Ciullo
Glen Head, NY USA


Melissa Evans
san antonio, Texas USA
Lamp, Window, Buttress. Santa Fe, NM, 2011.

Misha Gregory Macaw
Fort Collins, CO USA

Norma McGehee Woodward
Fredericksburg, VA USA


paul greenberg
dallas, TX USA
Pigeon Park

Paul Kessel
New York, NY USA
The Daily Grind

Paul M. Murray
Jamestown, RI USA


Paul M. Murray
Jamestown, RI USA

Pete McCutchen
Alexandria, VA USA
Beggar, Athens, Greece

Philip Constant
Salem, OR USA

Untitled 1

Qianwen Jiang
San Francisco, CA USA
Behind the scenes

Roshan Prizak
Klosterneuburg-Kierling, Austria
Tivoli (Copenhagen)

Russ Rowland

two wheels (Copenhagen)

Russ Rowland

Russ Rowland
At the Stream

Sarah Corbin
New York, NY USA

Time, Ice, and the Warm Rain Falling

Thomas Pickarski
New York, New York USA
Low Tide #3

Yosuke Terada
Rego Park, NY USA

  • All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, and a free exhibition catalog.
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror:David H. Wells
David H. Wells is an editorial, commercial and location photographer/ video-maker. He is affiliated with Aurora Photos and specializes in intercultural communications and the use of light and shadow to enhance visual narratives. Wells focuses on multimedia productions and photo-essays for publication and exhibition for local, national and international clientele.

Past assignments have been for Life Magazine, National Geographic Publications, the New York Times Magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine, to name a few. He has worked for numerous corporations including Consolidated Natural Gas and DuPont as well as numerous non-profit organizations including Brown University, the Ford Foundation and the New Israel Fund, among others.

His work has been featured in one-person exhibits at Brown University, U.C. Berkeley and Harvard University. His work has been part of group exhibitions at the Houston FotoFest and the Visa pour l'Image Festival in Perpignan. He has been an Artist in residence at the Visual Studies Workshop and the Light Works Photography Center.

He has taught classes at the University of Pennsylvania and workshops at the Maine Media Workshops. He is on the faculty of the International Center for Photography in NYC and is a Visiting Faculty at Pathshala, the South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka. He was featured in Photo District News as "Best Workshop Instructor."

His photo-essays have been funded by fellowships from Nikon/NPPA, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the MacArthur Foundation's Program of Research and Writing on International Peace and Cooperation, the Alicia Patterson Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation. His project on the pesticide poisoning of California farm workers was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As an Olympus Visionary, Wells has been contracted by the camera company to produce images and provide feedback on new products. David was an invited photographer on "America 24/7," the largest professional photo book project ever undertaken. A frequent teacher of photography workshops, his blog, The Wells Point, appears at http://thewellspoint.com