EXHIBIT Closed on April 19th 2015

Juror: Yumi Goto

Juror's Choice: "Collections, Linda's Angels" by Diane Gabriel from Burlington, VT USA

The study of inanimate objects; subject matter, placement and compositional balance imply meaning that surmount everyday functionality.

Historically, a still life composition is an array of commonplace objects, inert and set in space. These objects often include natural components such as plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers accompanied by man made objects like dishes, boxes, mirrors and vases within an interior setting at eye level like a table top. 

While still life painting can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, it was with the Dutch painters of the 17th century that it was borne its own as a fine art genre.  The rise of still life painting in the Northern and Spanish Netherlands reflects the increasing urbanization of Dutch and Flemish society, which brought with it an emphasis on the home and personal possessions, commerce, trade, learning.  All the aspects and diversions of everyday life. 

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:26 March 15
Artists' Reception:29 March 15 17:00
Exhibit Closes:19 April 15
Still Life/Life Still
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

The key feature of a still life image is the degree of control that an artist can exercise over a work. Key elements that make up a still life can be arranged or composed by the artist at will within a studio setting the lighting can be designed and directed minutely.  Still life compositions are recognized to be a pure form of art, while being pleasing to the eyes, they can be coupled with dizzying underlying meanings.

Items are often used that symbolize earthly pleasures: vanity and deluxe luxury juxtaposed by the fleeting nature of these types of objects.  A ripe apple implies something completely different from a rotten one.  Needless to say, the world has changed a lot since 1600 AD, so modern still lifes may harbor materials and objects that the old masters could never fathom, such as plasticine, fake fruit. 

Juror's Statement:

In my selection of the still life photography submissions, I chose images where I found a visual narratives over experimental photographic technique. Sometimes too much artificial creativity in a photograph loses the viewers engagement. I normally like looking at stories with multiple images that have some visual elements rather than single images, but I saw potential from the submissions. In some cases, the single images illustrated many emotions and I could come up with questions and produce my own answers to the image. It's just like I am enjoying a Zen dialogue over the image. I could also define the meaning of the image without knowing the photographer's intention or how they want people to react to the photograph.

Yumi Goto

Linda’s Angels, from the series, “Collections"
Juror's Choice

Diane Gabriel
Burlington, VT USA
Tackle Box Memories
Honorable Mention

Ben Davis
Rochester, NY USA
Honorable Mention

LeeAnne Mallonee
Bangor, ME USA

Roadside Distraction #11
Honorable Mention

Mark Melnick
Palm Desert, CA USA
Discarded Dispositions
People's Choice

Julie Hamel
Loudon, NH USA
People's Choice

Larry Rankin
Florence, MA USA


allison schallert
Los angeles, CA USA
Thanksgiving II

Angela Franks Wells
Ayden, NC USA
Tune Out :: Turn On

Austin/Katie Tabor
Brooklyn, NY USA


Bernie Kubiak
Amherst, MA USA
Two Eggs, Four Yolks

Bruce Berkow
New York, NY USA
All Is Still

Bryan Ballinger
Huntington, in USA


Caroline Adamsclark
Delray Beach, Florida USA

Catherine Wilcox-Titus
Jefferson, Massachusetts USA
Signs of Life

Charles Neal
Centerville, Utah USA

Found Bird 64°07'40.7"N 21°55'35.3"W

Charlotta Hauksdottir
Palo Alto, CA USA
Spring Thaw

Debra Lee Fanatia
Homer, AK USA
Untitled #2, from the series, Collections

Diane Gabriel
Burlington, VT USA

Josephine and Napoleon

Diane Gabriel
Burlington, VT USA

Dominic Lippillo
Starkville, MS USA
Bear, Currier’s Quality Market, Glover, Vermont

Edward L. Rubin
Los Angeles, CA USA

Mona Lisa

Erica Brown
Burlington, VT USA

Geoffrey Agrons
Philadelphia, PA USA
The Ripple

Haruko Fujimoto
Astoria, NY USA

Frozen Bananas

John Flynn
White River Junction, VT USA
Untitled #8

Joshua Sariñana
Cambridge, MA USA
Untitled Photograph

Julie Gautier-Downes
Spokane, Washington USA

Untitled Photograph, paired with found photograph

Julie Gautier-Downes
Spokane, Washington USA
If I knew where to send them, I would have sent you flowers

Kate Allen
Coralville, Iowa USA
He hid me behind a couch

Kate Allen
Coralville, Iowa USA

Snow Grass

Larry Rankin
Florence, MA USA

Len Speier
New York, NY USA
Crossroads Women 3

Lorenzo Mangini
Castelfiorentino, Florence Italy


Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa

Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Red Rag in Drain, 2014

Marian Stasiorowski
Philadelphia, PA USA

Frozen Dino

marita gootee
MS ST, Mississippi USA
Life Force

Mark Kalan
Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico
Everyday Artifact 1.2

Melissa DiPalma
Dublin, New Hampshire USA


Michael McAllister
Charlotte, NC USA

Mike Zaia
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Parrish Dobson
Belmont, MA USA

Trinidad Turquoise

Paul M. Murray
Jamestown, RI USA
Havana Living #3

Paul M. Murray
Jamestown, RI USA
When I was 3, I wanted to be Heath Barkley from The Big Valley.

Ricardo Febre
McKinleyville, CA USA

Feathers & Turquoise Chair, 2014

Stefan Wood
Herndon, VA USA
Santa's dream

Stelios Karatheodorou
Serres, Greece
Asylum - Ode to Thomas Eggleston

Steve DePalma
Anghiari, AZ Italy

The Hong Kong Leaf

Toralf Sümmchen
Brooklyn, NY USA

Toralf Sümmchen
Brooklyn, NY USA

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  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, and a free exhibition catalog.
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  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror: Yumi Goto

Independent photography curator, editor, researcher and consultant who focuses on the development of cultural exchanges that transcend borders. 

She collaborates with local and international artists who live and work in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, current social problems, human rights abuses and women’s issues. She often works with human rights advocates, international and local NGOs, humanitarian organizations and as well as being involved as a nominator and juror for the international photographic organizations, festivals and events. She is now based in Tokyo and also a co-funder and curator for the Reminders Photography Stronghold.