EXHIBIT Closed on October 11th 2015

Juror:Lance Keimig

Atacama Hand Juror's Choice   Scott Martin San Antonio, Texas USA

Juror's Choice: Atacama Hand by Scott Martin San Antonio, Texas USA

Nighttime photography; delve into the darkest hours to uncover secrets and mysteries.

Photographers have long embraced the literary and artistic tradition of the night as theme and subject in their work. The romantic notions and sense of mystery associated with the night, and the transformation from the mundane world to the unknown provide ample material for photographers to explore through their work.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:17 September 15
Artists' Reception:2 October 15 17:30
Exhibit Closes:11 October 15
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

Tim Baskerville, founder of the night photography organization The Nocturnes has said, "Surrealism, the mystery of place, solitude, and a heightened sense of the nature of things - night photography seems a worthy vehicle, a ritual to express these themes.” 

Juror, Lance Keimig states, " The night holds secrets- secrets that may engage our curiosity, shelter us, or frighten us. There are those who seek comfort in the night and those who recoil from it.  Brave was the anchestor who stepped outside of the fire circle for he might never return.  The interplay of light, shadow, and extremes of contrast heighten this uncertainty - and when the element of time is added in the form of long exposures, the Night Photograph is indeed a worthy vehicle to express these themes."

Darkroom Gallery is calling for nighttime imagery that conveys mystery, surrealism, isolation, loneliness, and time/timelessness.  

Juror's Statement:

It was a pleasure, but a real challenge to jury the Nocturne competition. Narrowing 630 images down to 55 was not easy, and trying to select a cohesive show based on the theme was even more of a challenge. I was looking for suggestive, rather than literal imagery that conveyed the themes of mystery, solitude, and surrealism. There were many more excellent images than the gallery could accommodate, and many excellent images that either did not fit the theme, or work with the show as it came together. For example, there was a great series of images with an owl and the moon, but they just didn’t work with the theme of Nocturne. Please know that if your work was not selected, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think it was good, or that I didn’t like it. When entering a juried show, it is important to remember that the selections are just the opinion of a few people, or in this case, one person. I included work that I felt spoke to the theme. 

A good number of photographers submitted a series of related images, and I tried to find a balance between including multiple related images, and as many different photographers as I could.  Newer digital cameras that are capable of shooting at high ISOs have led to a proliferation of Milky Way and astro-landscape photography images, and I found many of those to be lacking in some way. A simple landscape with the Milky Way rising through the frame was not enough to make the cut. A few Milky Way images stood out, such as Lisa Ryan’s Milky Way at Eagle Lake. Scott Martin’s Atacama Hand image stood out immediately from all of the rest- it is technically strong, gorgeous, and exemplifies the themes of mystery, solitude, and surrealism.



Atacama Hand
Juror's Choice

Scott Martin
San Antonio, Texas USA
Lunar Eclipse and Aurora Borealis
People's Choice
Honorable Mention

Edmund L Leckert III
Boise, ID United States
Milky Way, Eagle Lake
Honorable Mention

Elizabeth "Lisa" Ryan
Marshfield, MA USA

Starry Night
Honorable Mention

Renee Lowery
Fairview, TN USA

Alan Murray
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Fenway Park - No Game

Alan Strassman
Weston, MA United states of america


Analía Gutiérrez
San Francisco, California USA
Untitled IV

Analía Gutiérrez
San Francisco, California USA
Storm Clouds

Arpad Petrass
Capistrano Beach, CA USA

Night Tracks, Ropesville Texas

Ashton Thornhill
Lubbock, Texas USA
Plainview Parking Lot - Plainview, Texas

Ashton Thornhill
Lubbock, Texas USA
Cloud #9

Bob Avakian
Edgartown, MA USA

Night Club

Bob Avakian
Edgartown, MA USA
Going Into the Light

Boba Fett
Remulak, Space France
Dreamless Sleep

Boba Fett
Remulak, Space France

Beam Me Up

Brian Drourr
Burlington, VT USA
Epiphany: Lighten the Path #1

Doug Earle
San Antonio, TX USA
Fire and Wind

Elizabeth "Lisa" Ryan
Marshfield, MA USA

Two Boats

Eric Rennie
Cromwell, CT USA
The green troll

Evgeny Vasenev
Seattle, WA United States

Geoffrey Agrons
Philadelphia, PA USA

Five Footballs

Geoffrey Agrons
Philadelphia, PA USA
Blue Moon Junction

George Anderson
Montpelier, VT USA
Lauterbrunnen Fog

Gordon Saperia
Wellesley, MA USA

untitled #1

Haomin Wei
detroit, Michigan USA
Night Walk in Prague

Ira Weinschel
Austin, TX USA
Summer Solitude. Bean Rd, East Charlotte, VT

Jamie Proctor-Brassard
Hinesburg, VT USA

Moonless Self Portrait, Bodie Ghost Town, 2014

westborough, ma USA
Fae Sleep

Jeff Knowles
Crownsville, MD USA
Done Loading

Jeff McCrum
Cranford, NJ USA

Flooding the Past

Jeff McCrum
Cranford, NJ USA

Jeff McCrum
Cranford, NJ USA
Dinner and a movie?

John J Young
Washington DC, DC USA

Red Gold Blue

Jon Hyde and Kimberly Sultze
Colchester, VT USA
Kenduskeag Bridge Twilight

LeeAnne Mallonee
Bangor, ME USA
Insomnia 2

Li Shen
Thetford Center, Vermont USA

Watching Fires Burn

M Christine Watson
Richmond, Virginia USA
Route 20 Reflections

Mark Allen Dierker
Dubuque, Iowa USA
Self Portrait in Erice

Mark Coggins
Belmont, CA USA

Out of the Shadow

Mary Ciullo
Glen Head, NY USA
Overnight Delivery

Mary Ciullo
Glen Head, NY USA
Incoming Storm

Maureen Begin
Rockland, MA USA

Cape Cod Railroad Bridge

Maureen Begin
Rockland, MA USA
Quiet Night on Newbury Street

Myron Freeman
Cambridge, MA USA

Nora Vrublevska
Riga, Latvia

Snow Mounds

Patrick J. Cicalo
North Salem, NY United States

Pete McCutchen
Alexandria, VA USA

Renee Lowery
Fairview, TN USA

Cobblestones in Fog

Rick Branscomb
Londonderry, New Hampshire United States
After the Party

Sally Chapman
Medford, MA USA
Atacama Dream

Scott Martin
San Antonio, Texas USA


Night Tracks

Stephen Skidmore
Brookline, MA USA

Susanne Hupfer
Lexington, MA USA


Susanne Hupfer
Lexington, MA USA
Where it All Began

Wendi Kennedy
West Boylston, MA USA

  • All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, and a free exhibition catalog.
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes.
  • Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror:  Lance Keimig

Lance Keimig is best known for his night photographs, which are often made at the juncture of the built and natural environments. His book, Night Photography- Finding Your Way In The Dark was published by Focal Press in August of 2010, and has been translated into 6 languages. A revised and expanded second edition was published in July of 2015.

He has taught at the New England School of Photography in Boston since 2000, and has also taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, The Houston Center for Photography, and leads independent workshops across the country.  Russell Brown, senior creative director for Adobe, said that Keimig may well be “one of the finest photography instructors on the planet.”

Keimig is a frequent speaker and workshop instructor for photographic events around the country. He has presented and taught at the Photo Plus Expo in New York, and was a featured speaker and workshop instructor at Estudio Brasil in Saõ Paulo, Brazil. He has lectured and taught for the Scottish Photographers Association in Glasgow, The School of Visual Arts in NY, B&H Event Space, and The New England Camera Club Council among others. 

Keimig continues to teach night photography and light painting workshops around the country, and also leads photo tours to Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, and Cuba. His work has taken him to such far flung places as Zimbabwe where he did documentary photography for a medical mission, the Philippines to photograph a museum collection, and Japan where he photographed Buddhist temples. His photographs are held in numerous collections including The Art Complex Museum In Duxbury, MA, The Boston Athenaeum, The Boston Public Library, and the The Grace Museum in Abilene, TX.