EXHIBIT Closed on January 3rd 2016

Juror: Gary Braasch 

Juror's Choice: Souvenir
by Randy Richmond from Muscatine, Iowa USA

Water: the origin and sustenance of all life on earth.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:10 December 15
Artists' Reception:18 December 15 17:30
Exhibit Closes:3 January 16
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

Water can be as beautiful and gentle as a morning dewdrop on a green leaf and as destructive as the raging of a river in flood.  We are made of oceans and rivers; an adult human body is 60% water, and a person can go little more than four days without drinking water.

Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Today water presents us with a paradox. The ocean levels are rising, and some areas are experiencing inundation, while other parts of the world are suffering unparalleled drought. Clean drinking water has become a precious commodity.

With this dichotomy in mind, how does the photographer depict the full range of our relationship with water? The beauty of oceans and rivers has been a source of inspiration for artists for ages, and photographers are no exception.  Who hasn't been seduced by the glint of the sun off a rippling body of water?  And yet, to be responsible custodians of our only world we have to look at the effects of the human mismanagement of water.

We're casting a wide net for this exhibition, inviting photographs that illustrate the beauty of water in all its mutable forms, and also images depicting our increasingly difficult relationship with water.  Water as muse, water as destroyer; the creative possibilities are limitless.

Juror's Statement:

This was an enjoyable and enlightening experience and I congratulate all the photographers on their work and interest in the subject, water. The range of work technically was very broad as was the interpretation. The exception to this was that few images addressed social or environmental concerns, which are so central to how we actually use water. I was also surprised to find little reflecting water’s central position in agriculture and our food. A few photographers illustrated the human relationship to water — our elemental reliance on water for life, utility and beauty.

In my choices for the exhibition there are examples of most genres of photos that have water as a main element, and I have tried to honor those that neared perfection and pushed the ideas, although not new, toward a finer edge. I celebrate new angles of view and a deeper use of the multiple meanings found in the qualities of water to refract, reflect, obscure, magnify, distort and iridesce. I paid no attention to technique in the final picks — HDR, triptych, super long exposure, color work in the “darkroom,” and fine black and white composition — but I tried to downplay the many obvious cliches among the entries. There is wonder and magic in “the rapture of the shallows,” but I feel the most important thing for us to understand and communicate when we can is how dependent we are on water, how precious and necessary it is in its purity, and how commonly it is abused and wasted. 

Gary Braasch 

Juror's Choice

Randy Richmond
Muscatine, Iowa USA
Ice Train From Dresden
Honorable Mention

Geoffrey Agrons
Philadelphia, PA USA
Honorable Mention

Saskia Boelsums
Nieuw-Schoonebeek, Drenthe Netherlands

Autumn Trout
Honorable Mention

William Horton
Boulder, CO USA
Summer Storm
People's Choice

Jo Palasi
Ramona, CA USA
Decatur, Alabama

Alan Strassman
Weston, MA United states of america


Amanda Marie Harner
Damascus, Maryland USA
Flying to Fort Wayne

Bernie Kubiak
Amherst, MA USA
Watkins Glen #2

Bernie Kubiak
Amherst, MA USA

Hot Spring Rorschach Test

Bert Halstead
Belmont, MA USA
Dew on White Pine

Beth Pelton
Winchester, NH USA
Ice 4

Bill Harbin
Rome, Georgia USA

Stream 1

Bill Harbin
Rome, Georgia USA
Beautiful Melancholy

Boba Fett
Remulak, Space France
Catfish In Fish Tank

Bruce Berkow
New York, NY USA

Brooke in a Stream

Dave Levingston
Springfield, Ohio USA
Flow and Currents

David Aimone
Saratoga Springs, NY USA
Bear Lake Grasses and Reflections. CO

David Gardner
San Francisco, CA USA

Viet Nam Water Carrier

Diane Tempest
Sacramento, CA United States
Water Spirit

Dolph Miller
Tyler, Texas USA

Gonzalo Rosendo
Miami, FL USA

square water 2

Jean- Claude Bise
Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel Switzerland
Sophie and the Puddle

Jennifer Bronwynn Copp
Winter Springs, FL United States
Sunrise in Middle Earth

John Flynn
White River Junction, VT USA

plankton, microscopy, cheers

John Stetson
Falmouth, ME USA

John Stetson
Falmouth, ME USA
Be Bold

JoSann Lien
Hayden, ID USA


Julie O'Connor
Weston, CT USA
South Shore Suite, June 10, 2015

Kip Harris
Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia Canada

Law Hamilton
Rockport, MA USA

Circles with Oak Leaves

Law Hamilton
Rockport, MA USA
The Land at the Base of the Wall

Lawrence Russ
Southport, CT USA
Tea Ceremony

Lawrence Russ
Southport, CT USA

The Power That Builds in Solitude

Lawrence Russ
Southport, CT USA

Li Shen
Thetford Center, Vermont USA
Staged Still: Water

Maria Coletsis
Vancouver, BC Canada

Foam Aswirl

Mark Hopkins
Concord, MA United States
Rocks on the Water

Mark Hopkins
Concord, MA United States

Mark Hopkins
Concord, MA United States

Hobo Camp

Mark Indig
Valley Village, CA USA
Playing On The Edge Of The World

Nick Winkworth
Menlo Park, CA USA
Shore Line

Nick Winkworth
Menlo Park, CA USA

Fractured, Holding On

Oren Darling
West Lafayette, IN USA
Myrtle Beach, SC

Rhonda Harris Baines
Chevy Chase, MD USA

Saskia Boelsums
Nieuw-Schoonebeek, Drenthe Netherlands

waterlogged (flip)

stacy platt
Colorado Springs, CO USA

stacy platt
Colorado Springs, CO USA
A Standing Wave

Stephen Beattie
Burlington, VT USA


Susan Hanson
San Marcos, Texas USA
After Rain

Vivien Goldman
Chestnut Hill, MA USA

Wendi Schneider
Denver, Co USA


Wendi Schneider
Denver, Co USA
Fog over Lake Ciginovac

William Horton
Boulder, CO USA
Landmannalaugar Hot Springs

William Horton
Boulder, CO USA

  • All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, and a free exhibition catalog.
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes.
  • Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror: Gary Braasch 

gary braaschGary Braasch is an environmental photojournalist and writer who documents nature, environment, biodiversity and climate change around the world. He has been a nature photographer for more than 40 years, and is internationally known for dramatic, artistic and science-based nature photography. His images and assignment articles have been published by Time, LIFE, New York Times Magazine, Discover, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Scientific American and the United Nations among many others.

In photographic assignments he specializes in recording the essence of whole ecosystems and threats to their biodiversity, employing techniques from aerial photography to extreme close-ups and underwater shots. His work has won
awards from Communication Arts and New York Art Directors Club and his was the lead portfolio in a major collection of current photojournalism, What Matters (Sterling Press, 2008) along with work by Sebastiao Salgado, James Natchwey, Ed Kashi and others.

Most of his work is on conservation or natural history subjects, the coverage of which gained Gary the Ansel Adams Award from the Sierra Club in the U.S., and the Outstanding Nature Photographer citation from the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). He was a founding Board Member of NANPA and a founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation

Gary's comprehensive book Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World (University of California Press) was first published in 2007 and has been updated in a paperback edition and made into an e-book (2009-2010). Praise for this book has come from Al Gore, members of the Nobel Prize winning scientific community of the world, Vanity Fair, Nature, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Bill McKibben and Paul Hawken.

He received the Ansel Adams Award from the Sierra Club and the Outstanding Nature Photographer citation from the North American Nature Photography Association. In 2010 he was named as one of the Forty Most Influential Nature Photographers by Outdoor Photography magazine.