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Juror: Olaf Willoughby

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"Beach Day" Juror's Choice by Russ Rowland NY, NY USA
"Beach Day" Juror's Choice
by Russ Rowland NY, NY USA

Momentous moments frozen forever through the lens of our cameras.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:28 April 16
Artists' Reception:14 May 16 15:00
Exhibit Closes:22 May 16
In the Moment
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

The very medium of photography lends itself to chance.  In all instances an image is defined by how skillfully a single shot can be fired and, in turn, a work of art created.To capture in moment, an unexpected scene, the unscripted interaction between strangers or friends alike.  

It’s about capturing life...revealing the drama in the everyday. That’s it. Like any good photograph it needs to exude an energy which resonates with the viewer. It may capture a decisive moment, highlight drama and tension or just pose a question. -Olaf Willoughby

Darkroom Gallery is calling for works that interpret moments in reality as monumentally powerful, humorous, heart-rending or sublime. Just as an improv actor steps onto the stage without any thoughts or goals is his or her head we are looking for the very telling, thoughtful and insightful images. Photographs that succeed because they aren't staged. 


Juror's Statement:

‘In the Moment’ was a difficult challenge and therefore very rewarding to judge. Some went for classic ‘decisive moments’, others were more carefully staged but nevertheless still projected the energy of powerful moments. The few landscape entries were particularly good at capturing that feeling we get, when we want the moment to last just that little bit longer.

In my selection process I look for the element of intrigue. Something about the image which makes me linger and ideally poses a question about the intent of the artist. Then I look for technique; cropping, composition, exposure and processing values..etc. The juror’s choice and the three honorable mentions all have the magic ingredient of going beyond being simply good pictures to capture extraordinary moments.
I was honored to be spoiled with so many good images submitted and I want to thank everyone who entered. 

Juror’s choice - Beach Day
This certainly has intrigue value! The image is striking in its directness. The figure in the background provides contrast. Black and white is a good choice for a situation where color might be distracting. The image is simple but complete, a puzzle where the pieces have fallen neatly into place.

Olaf Willoughby

Beach Day
Juror's Choice

Russ Rowland
Break Time
Honorable Mention

Edward L. Rubin
Los Angeles, CA USA
Shallow Dreams
Honorable Mention

Julie Hamel
Loudon, NH USA

Monster Visit
Honorable Mention

Rebecca Moseman
Purcellville, VA USA
People's Choice

Julie Hamel
Loudon, NH USA
Her Hero

Amy Nowak
Pawcatuck, CT USA


Anatolie Poiata
Chisinau, Moldova

Baltimore, MD USA
Close Up

Barbara Curcio
West Islip, New York USA

The Escape

Cristina Tinta
Bucharest, Romania
Strange Snow

Cristina Tinta
Bucharest, Romania
Aztec Dancers in Mexico

Dane Strom
Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico

Rain Toys

Dane Strom
Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico
Dance Like No One is Watching

Danielle L Goldstein
NEW YORK, NY United States

Danielle L Goldstein
NEW YORK, NY United States


Edward L. Rubin
Los Angeles, CA USA
Sarah Matthew and Athena, Plainfield, VT.

Edward L. Rubin
Los Angeles, CA USA
not man made

Felice Douglas
Stuttgart, Germany

The Space Between

Georg Worecki
Erpeldange, Luxembourg

Greer Underwood
Jackson, MS USA
Untitled 1 Sled Dog Series

Iggy Beerbower
Potsdam, NY USA

The Climb

Jennifer Carr
Virginia Beach, VA USA
What are you holding?

John J Young
Washington DC, DC USA
Rain Room

JP Terlizzi
New York, NY USA

Guatemala Dog

Karl Hirsch
Tempe, AZ USA

Karl Hirsch
Tempe, AZ USA

Kristen Victoria Harner
Damascus, MD USA

Urban Encounter

Li Shen
Thetford Center, Vermont USA
Break Away

Lorraine Castillo
Martinez, CA USA
Death Valley Sunrise

Louise Halstead
Belmont, MA USA

Talking It Out

Marcia Mahoney
Chicago, Illinois USA
Country Singer

Marian Rubin
Montclair, NJ USA
Sunday Storm in Woodstock

Mark Allen Dierker
Dubuque, Iowa USA

Lightning Over the Point

Mark Allen Dierker
Dubuque, Iowa USA
Quercus Lyra

Mark Allen Dierker
Dubuque, Iowa USA
A Selfie

Mark Melnick
Palm Desert, CA USA

Santa's Uh-Oh Moment

Meagan Dwyer
eastchester, ny USA
Picasso's Serenade

N. Gianturco
Asheville, NC USA
Nectar's Draw

N. Gianturco
Asheville, NC USA

a diary set to fall no.1

Nate Mosseau
Burlington, Vermont USA
The X

Nawfal Jassim Jirees
Springfield Gardens, NY USA

Nawfal Jassim Jirees
Springfield Gardens, NY USA

Holding Out For a Hero

Peggy Reynolds
Essex Jct., VT USA

Rebecca Moseman
Purcellville, VA USA

Rebecca Moseman
Purcellville, VA USA


Rebecca Rothey
The Kids Are All Right

Rik Carlson
Burlington, VT USA

Rik Carlson
Burlington, VT USA

Protest #BlackLivesMatter

Russ Rowland

Serge Soucy
Plainville, CT USA
girls will be girls

Simona Nanoveanu
Bucharest, Romania

he's so cute

Simona Nanoveanu
Bucharest, Romania
Morning Mist

Stephen Milne
Alliston, Ontario Canada
Live to Ride (Ho-Hum)

Steven Millman
Boynton Beach, FL USA

FIRE, Palappuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India, 2016,

Susan Copich
Hillsdale, New York USA
Where She Reads

Tamra Yandow
Jericho, Vermont USA

Tareq Habib
Forest Hills, NY USA

Until The Cops Come
Houston, Texas USA
Some Happy Some Sad
Houston, Texas USA

  • All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, a free exhibition catalog;
  • Juror's Choice also receives a signed edition of Visualizing Poetry: The Power of Word and Images by Olaf Willoughby andEileen McCarney Muldoon
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes.
  • Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs. 

Juror: Olaf Willoughby

Olaf enjoys an excellent relationship with Leica UK, being one of a number of photographers video interviewed about using the classic Leica M rangefinder camera.  He is co-founder of a Facebook/website group called The Leica Meet. Started in Aug 2013, it now has almost 10,000 members. His work has been exhibited in the UK and the USA and he has authored articles for leading photography magazines and guest blogged on top photo websites. Olaf is a photographer and writer living in London. His work is about Pattern Detection. Exploring the ebb and flow of energy around us.  It is also diverse, involving everything from advocacy to collaborative projects, from multiple exposures to street photography. In advocacy he has visted the Antarctic twice and authored a book titled, ‘Antarctica A Sense of Place’ which the WWF sent as an ebook to their global top 5,000 donors.
In commercial work he has photographed the Soweto String Orchestra in Trafalgar Sq, London, outside the South African Embassy on Nelson Mandela’s birthday. He has just published a book, 'On Tongue Tip Turn a Thousand Times, Moments Frozen in Photography & Haiku Poetry' using abstract imagery to illustrate the beautiful and intense verses of haiku poems.

In 2016 with Eileen McCarney Muldoon, he’ll be co-teaching Visual Conversations workshops at Maine Media College, in New York and at Leica UK, plus running a Street Photography course in Brooklyn. They have also published 'Visualising Poetry', a book celebrating the power of words and images. Getting work out there is important. It was John Cage who said that he didn't feel his work actually existed until someone had heard it. Publishing a single image, showing a project in an exhibition, or seeing a book in print is exciting.  As work comes to a fruition it marks an ending. And
endings contain new beginnings......



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