EXHIBIT Closed on July 17th 2016

Juror: Tim Booth

Juror's Choice: Entwined
Gary Mitchell from Dayton, Ohio USA

Hands and feet, examined and depicted though the medium of photography. 

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:23 June 16
Artists' Reception:8 July 16 17:30
Exhibit Closes:17 July 16
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

The hand: we uses it as a tool, as a symbol, and as a weapon. A whole literature of legend, folklore, superstition, and myth has been built up around the human hand. As an organ of performance it serves as eyes for the blind, the hearing impaired and mute talk with it, and it has become a symbol of salutation, supplication, and condemnation. The hand has played a part in the creative life of every known society, and it has come to be symbolic or representative of the whole person in art, in drama, and in music.

Juror Tim Booth devotes a series of works to photographing hands called A Show of Hands: "With hands from all corners of society, from builders to world class musicians, artists to grave-diggers...For some they are just tools, blunt instruments that enable them to achieve a desired result. For others their relationship with their hands goes beyond the mere physical, to a more esoteric connection, where in many cases the hands are a conduit through which intentions, and indeed feeling, can be passed from the mind to their task, be it labour, art, sport, music or craft."

Much in the same way that hands play a vital role in defining human nature and brilliance, feet also provide a imperative purpose. They transport us from place to place and allow us to dance. Our upright heel-toe, heel-toe is taken for granted once we get the hang of it, ask any parent of a toddler you know and the moment a baby takes their first step cannot be more magical or transcendent.

Darkroom Gallery is calling for photography that captures the many different uses and appearances of hands and feet. We are looking for images that not only capture these body parts in unique or all too familiar circumstances but also the handiwork and destruction that they leave behind. Foot trails, fingerprints, handmade objects, tools worn dull, paths of destruction as well as bountiful creation are all fair game for this exhibition. From soles to palms and shoe collections to lost mittens, we want to see the many uses, abuses and fetishes that hands and feet have come to know.

Juror's Statement:

Overall I was very impressed with submissions. The range of concepts was broad, even if some of them did go a tad off brief!
The selection for the show was not as hard as I had imagined, and everyone who made it through should be very pleased.
Picking the juror’s choice was of course the hardest task of all. From the fifty selected images there were twelve images that I agonised over. In the end I had to choose one that I felt most strongly fulfilled the brief.
This of course meant that a few images I’d hoped to shortlist for Juror’s Choice I had to pass on. I would love to critique all 50 of the ‘Picked’ images of course.

Juror’s Choice: Entwined
I love this image because it makes such a powerful point. Here we have a naked couple lying on top of one another, noses touching in a moment of extreme intimacy, and yet it is their clasped hands that show the true bond and communication that’s going on between them. Despite the content it’s not remotely sexual, or even sensual really, it just shows that touching and hold or clasping hands is a stronger and more honest form of communication than anything else, and is so easy to empathize with.

Honorable Mentions: Step Sleep
A gorgeous image with a strong narrative. It’s beautifully balanced and shows the hands and feet together in a more powerful way than any of the other work. I love the vulnerability of the story and the strength of the feet that have walked so many miles.

Don’t Let Your Books Gather Dust
This I’d want on my wall. It’s animated and yet still, nicely processed and toned without being over fiddled with, perfectly composed and balanced. This came so close to being my Juror’s Choice because it has so much heart, and only missed it by a fraction as I felt that whilst being a beautiful image, it wasn’t quite on brief enough.

Now I’m not a great fan of digital manipulation/fantasy images, but this composition says a lot. We can gag ourselves, hold as much in as we dare, but our hands will always give the game away and let our voice out. At least that’s what I get from this. It’s well executed and lit, simple and yet powerful.

I think all fifty finalists are winners.

Tim Booth

Juror's Choice

Gary Mitchell
Dayton, Ohio USA
Step Sleep
Honorable Mention

Robert Moore
Dallas, TX USA
Don't Let Your Books Gather Dust
People's Choice

Sue Henry
Nolensville, Tennessee USA

Honorable Mention

Trevor Shingler
Daytona beach, Florida United States
Creative Hands

Ashley Sheppard
Crescent City, Florida USA
Second Sight

Boba Fett
Remulak, Space France

Toe Point

Boba Fett
Remulak, Space France
The Weakness Is In the Want 2

Candi S. Kalinsky
Omaha, Nebraska USA

Christine Miess
Vienna, Austria

Zapotec Hands

Dane Strom
Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico

e andrew bartel
New York, NY USA
gulliver's travels

e andrew bartel
New York, NY USA

Dona Miguelina

Felipe Gavioli
São Paulo, SP Brazil
Monotype #3

George Pennington
Southborough, MA USA
Living Room Fort

Holly Thompson
New Braunfels, TX USA

Strength in Solitude (7)

Jody Berns
Highland Park, Illinois USA
Tõnis Malkov (Hands of A Jewelry artist)

Jun Ishikura
Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan
Mudra (Phoebe; Congress x High)

Karen Merritt
downeast, Maine USA

Prayer (Phoebe; Congress x High)

Karen Merritt
downeast, Maine USA
Be with me

Lacourt Guillaume
Bangrak, Bangkok Thailand
Magical Hands, Philadelphia

Len Speier
New York, NY USA


Mark Allen Dierker
Dubuque, Iowa USA
Waiting for Einstein

Mark Melnick
Palm Desert, CA USA

Marty Cohen
Carmel, CA USA

Los Dedos

Mary Ciullo
Glen Head, NY USA
Morning Alms

Michael Trupiano
Abiquiu, New Mexico United States
Lacquerware Beginnings

Michael Trupiano
Abiquiu, New Mexico United States

Dueling Instruments

Mildred Alpern
New York, New York USA
A Traditional Emiratee dance

Mohammed Munir El Kadi
Abu Dhabi, AUH United Arab Emirates
April 22, 1975

Neal Panton
Cranbrook, BC Canada

August 4, 1937

Neal Panton
Cranbrook, BC Canada
January 19, 1973

Neal Panton
Cranbrook, BC Canada
Prayer Beads

Philippa Stannard
Perugia, Perugia ITALY

Distance 1

Philippa Stannard
Perugia, Perugia ITALY
It's Only Mud

Rachel Eubanks
Lucedale, Mississippi USA
Mirrors and Moons

Rebecca Moseman
Purcellville, VA USA

Drill, Cambria, Calif., 2014

Richard Greene
Los Angeles, CA USA
Street Dance, Venice Beach, Calif., 2014

Richard Greene
Los Angeles, CA USA

Rob DePaolo
Newburyport, MA USA


Rob DePaolo
Newburyport, MA USA
The Reluctant Celebrity

Rob DePaolo
Newburyport, MA USA

Robertino R. Ragazza
San Jose, California USA

Francisco Niquinás, Calderas reservation, Nasa

Silvino Gonzalez
Bogotá, Cundinamarca Colombia
Hand in Leaves

Stephanie Facer
Grand Rapids, MI USA
Root Hand

Stephen Milne
Alliston, Ontario Canada

All That Jazz

Steven Millman
Boynton Beach, FL USA
The Fiddle Player's Hands

Sue Henry
Nolensville, Tennessee USA

Trevor Shingler
Daytona beach, Florida United States

Fishing Nets Maker

Viktoryia Vinnikava
Grodno, Belarus
Pearls Collector

Viktoryia Vinnikava
Grodno, Belarus


All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.

  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, a free exhibition catalog and a signed edition of Tim Booth's book A Show of Hands.
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes.
  • Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror: Tim Booth


Born in the UK in 1963, Tim Booth began taking photographs with his father’s camera at the age of eight. By he time he was a teenager he’d bought his first SLR, thrown on a backpack and headed off around Europe. Infected by both travel and photography he spent several years shooting freelance features for most of the UK’s weekend magazines and newspapers in Africa, Pakistan and South East Asia. Once settled back in the UK he shot commercial, corporate and design work from his London studio whilst also pursuing personal projects. His first exhibition ‘Into The Light’, shot whilst on assignments in Africa, was followed by the first ‘A Show Of Hands’ exhibition, which comprised his first fifty hands portraits. Now twenty-four years on and over a hundred hands later his book has been published to worldwide critical acclaim. He’s now based deep in the Dorset countryside in South West England, shooting people and landscapes for commercial clients both here and abroad, as well as the odd pair of hands to add to his collection.

Asked why he loves his work Tim replied – “Photography is all about passion. Passion for communication, passion for art, passion for light and for change. Every moment of every day there are pictures happening all over the world, and occasionally I’m lucky enough to witness some of them.”