EXHIBIT Closed on August 14th 2016

Juror: Davy Rothbart

Detritus - The Aeroplane
Juror's Choice by 
Jeff Moorfoot from Lyonville, Victoria Australia

Relics of the past rediscovered and redefined through the medium of photography.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:21 July 16
Artists' Reception:5 August 16 17:30
Exhibit Closes:14 August 16
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

To happen upon something forgotten, forsaken, hidden. To weave it a visual tale within a single frame. Finding what was once lost.

Just as Vivian Maier’s story, the secretive nanny-photographer who becomes a photography world sensation shortly after her death, spurs levels of excitement found in the rolls of undeveloped film and unacclaimed genius, a dropped scarf on the city street can alter the scene in many ways. It can become the scene.

Juror Davy Rothbart's musings on this theme, "discarded items found in the weeds; abandoned buildings; broken-down trucks in a field; scraps of metal left to rust and decay. I'm reminded of a koan that my mom, a Buddhist teacher, often shares. She'll hand someone a fresh scrap of paper, ask them to crumple it into a tight ball, and then uncrumple it. "Do you see," she'll ask, "within the crumpled paper, its original perfection?" All of the decayed, lost, abandoned places and things in these photographs possess their original glory and perfection and their wizened present hints at a rich, textured journey which is up to us to imagine."

Darkroom Gallery is calling for photographs that redefine found objects or subjects of the past. Whether you are foraging in a far away land or in your own backyard we are looking for images that embody this murky realm of faded glory; haunting happenstance, and beauty found in the lost details of the human condition.  

Juror's Statement:

For 15 years, I've been collecting notes, letters, and photos plucked up off the ground or found on the street, and publishing them in an annual print zine called FOUND and on our daily FOUND Magazine website. Each scrap of paper offers a raw, revealing, and riveting peek into someone else's life.

The same instinct that compels me to treasure lost love notes, To Do lists, and journals, and marvel at the stories within also beckons me into abandoned spaces to examine the traces of lives that passed through these spaces years, decades, even centuries before. I don't believe in ghosts, exactly, but inside each sagging barn I've explored, each abandoned pickup truck lost in the woods, each eerie ghost town saloon, the presence of those who once called these places home is always close at hand. I feel powerfully drawn to these places, like a crow to the graveyard, and am frequently rewarded by a jolt of self-recognition and a tingle of discovery.

What struck me, as I pored over hundreds of beautiful, striking, poetic images submitted by a global array of deeply talented artists, was the thrilling fact that so many other people share my fascination with abandoned places and things. It brought me great joy to imagine each photographer on their own journey of discovery, jolted and tingled themselves, as they explored a shambling house at the edge of town, a rotting cabin in the desert, a junkyard heaped with ancient vehicles. These pictures gave me a chance to explore a range of haunted and exquisite spaces I might never have reached on my own, but more than that, they gave me a sense for just how many kindred spirits we have out there, a vast community of folks who share a particular curiosity and sense of wonder. Thank you for exploring; thank you for your unique vision; thank you for documenting what you've found.

—Davy Rothbart, creator and editor of FOUND Magazine & host of the FOUND Podcast (launching July 13th)

Detritus - The Aeroplane
Juror's Choice

Jeff Moorfoot
Lyonville, Victoria Australia
Billboard, East 13th Street
Honorable Mention

Bruce Berkow
New York, NY USA
Where did all the money go
Honorable Mention

Ibai Rigby
Austin, Texas USA

Tire and Mulga Ant Nest in the Desert
Honorable Mention

Karen Burgess
Frenchs Forest, NSW Australia
Babe the Blue Ox
Honorable Mention

Nancy Stalnaker Bundy
Minneapolis, MN USA
Where we used to Walk
Honorable Mention

Rachel Eubanks
Lucedale, Mississippi USA

Untitled (Snow)
Honorable Mention

Ruth Raveh
Brooklyn, NY USA
People's Choice

Shannon Beaston
Blain, PA United States

Alexandria Donovan
Westport, Connecticut USA

Within the Oz House

Amanda Marie Harner
Damascus, Maryland USA
Weak and Powerless

Amy M. Krencius
Clackamas, OR USA

Barbara Redondo
Coral Gables, FL USA


Ben Davis
Rochester, NY USA
Alley Reflections

Ben Davis
Rochester, NY USA
Forgotten Trophies, Waycross, GA 1-2015

Benita VanWinkle
Winston-Salem, NC USA

Cakewalk, Black Hawk, Mississippi

Betty Press
Hattiesburg, MS, Mississippi USA
Midnight Snack Shop, Midnight, Mississippi

Betty Press
Hattiesburg, MS, Mississippi USA
Abandoned Dreams

Boba Fett
Remulak, Space France

Billboard, Paris Metro

Bruce Berkow
New York, NY USA
Abort, Retry, Fail?

Dana Dal Bo
Montréal, QC Canada
Coney Island

Dave Levingston
Springfield, Ohio USA

Star for Sgt. Friscia, Staten Island

Edward Coppola
Staten Island, NY USA
Burt's Bed

Edward L. Rubin
Los Angeles, CA USA
Aluminum Cans

Hsien-Chih Chuang
Taichung City, Taiwan

Tyre Graveyard

Ibai Rigby
Austin, Texas USA

Jeff Wiles
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA
Lost Memories

Jeffrey Olson
Coral Springs, Florida USA


Jeffrey Olson
Coral Springs, Florida USA
Megalithic Monument, France

Julie O'Connor
Weston, CT USA
People's History Awaits Fate, Chicago

Julie O'Connor
Weston, CT USA

Williford House 1

Kristin L. Ware
Huntsville, TX USA
Old Master

Les Schmidt
New Orleans, LA USA
What Once Was

Lora Mancini
Shaftsbury, VT USA

Treasure Island Transitions 2

Mark L. Hannah
Sunnyvale, US-CA USA
End of the Road

Mark Melnick
Palm Desert, CA USA

Matt Brittenham-Jones
Montpelier, VT USA


nancy oliveri
Brooklyn, NY USA

Nicholas Teetelli
Manalapan, NJ USA
Out of Service

Pete McCutchen
Alexandria, VA USA

Alex, with grandmothers lace collar

Rebecca Moseman
Purcellville, VA USA
Green Giant, Los Angeles

Richard Greene
Los Angeles, CA USA
Old Atlanta Prison Farm #3

Richard Greene
Los Angeles, CA USA

A New and Accurate Map of the World

Richard K. Kent
Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA

Ronan Considine
delta, bc canada
Route 66

Sandra Chen Weinstein
Lake Forest, CA USA

The View

Sandra Jungling
Sun City, Az USA
Chinatown Window

Shannon McClatchey
San Francisco, CA USA
Lost Words

Stephanie Guillen
Zurich, Switzerland

Ugandan Legacy

Stephen Milne
Alliston, Ontario Canada
Mormon Row Outhouse

Steven Winker
Mascoutah, IL USA
Ice Sculpture. Greenland

Thomas Pickarski
New York, New York USA

Chalkboard 5

Tom Morin
Houston, TX USA
Entrance, Samson Tire Factory, Los Angeles CA

Wayne M. Peterson
Philomont, Virginia United States
Three Crosses, Monterey CA

Wayne M. Peterson
Philomont, Virginia United States

The Fun Is Gone

Wil Scott
Annapolis, MD USA

  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition and a free exhibition catalog
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes.
  • Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror: Davy Rothbart

Davy Rothbart is the creator of Found Magazine, a publication dedicated to discarded notes, letters, flyers, photos, lists, and drawings found and sent in by readers. The magazine spawned a best-selling book, Found: The Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items from Around the World, published in April 2004. A second collection was published in May 2006, a third in May 2009. The magazine is published annually and has a worldwide following, it's online blog is updated daily.
Rothbart is a frequent contributor to This American Life, and author of My Heart Is An Idiot, a book of personal essays, and the story collection The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas. He writes regularly for GQ and Grantland, and his work also appears in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Believer. He is also the founder of Washington II Washington, an annual outdoor adventure for inner-city kids. Rothbart lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.
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