EXHIBIT Closed on August 13th 2017

Juror: Catherine Just

Juror's Choice: To Burn in Effigy
by Joshua McGowan
Baldwin, Georgia USA

A philosopher once wrote “The face is the soul of the body”. While one might not agree with the implications of that statement, a person’s facial expressions are a reflection of their personality whether or not they are aware of it.  As photographers, we are more or less successful at capturing the essence of a person in a single photo. 

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:20 July 17
Artists' Reception:5 August 17 16:00
Exhibit Closes:13 August 17
The Face
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

It’s redundant to say that faces are pictured everywhere now that digital media and the internet put literally billions of images in front of us every day.  And yet the oversaturation created by social media and selfies has made it, if anything, more difficult to create an image that goes to the essence of the subject. The existence of facial recognition software and the consequent loss of personal boundaries may contribute to a guardedness that makes emotional expression feel even more threatening.  Thus the challenge to the photographer is to establish a rapport that creates openness. This can even apply in self portraiture.

The purpose of this exhibition is to reveal the emotion, intelligence, passion, character, and immense variety expressed in the human face.  Whether your métier is the self portrait or photographing others, we’d like to see your work.

Juror’s Statement:

It was such an honor to be the juror of this exhibition. I was moved by the wide range of unique expression all under the topic of “the face”. It was a difficult process for me to choose just 55 images. MANY were so strong that it made it hard to edit them out of the shows final selection. For me what makes an image strong isn’t as much about just perfecting the technical aspects, but to be able to pull the viewer in emotionally. This takes a variety of skill, some seen in the image and some unseen, but deeply felt. I was inspired by what I saw and felt throughout this process. There are so many talented photographers who submitted work! I’m grateful for the opportunity to not only view what I consider very vulnerable work, but to witness beautiful choices in the way the internal landscape and external moments and emotions were expressed visually. Congratulations to all of you who submitted work. Keep going. It’s so important that we share our unique points of view.

Catherine Just

Juror: Catherine Just

Catherine Just is an award winning photographer, artist and mentor living part time in both Los Angeles, California and Paris, France. Her career began in 1987 while studying photography, film and video at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Catherine's work has been published on the cover of National Geographic Magazine, inside Oprah.com and PDN.com as well as galleries around the globe including her most recent collaborative show in Paris.

She believes photography can be used to gather  evidence of what exists between words and to document the unseen but deeply felt spaces and places within the internal and external landscape.

Catherine teaches popular workshops and courses both online and in person as well as creating images for highly visible artists for their websites, books and creative projects.


EXHIBIT Closed on September 10th 2017

Juror: Stephen Perloff

Horse-Dog Diné Bikéyahv by Robb Johnson

 A good photograph is knowing where to stand. – Ansel Adams

A corollary to Adams’ statement could be “A good photograph is knowing where to walk”. We’ve all been in places, or ob-served places, where we feel pulled into the scene; where the road, path, river, bridge, tunnel, passageway, lane or ray of sun compels us to see where the way will lead. There’s a mystery in it, the fascination of finding out what lies beyond the limit of vision, in the realm of imagination.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:17 August 17
Artists' Reception:26 August 17 16:00
Exhibit Closes:10 September 17
Pathways and Passages
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

For this exhibition, Pathways and Passages, we’re challenging you, the photographer, to entice us, your viewers, to wonder where you’re leading us. Your pictorial impression of what lies ahead will be different than anyone else’s, just as we all take our own path through life. This exhibition presents an opportunity to illustrate a good place to stand and a good place to walk, drive, sail, or fly.

Juror’s Statement:

Pathways and Passages is both literal and metaphorical. We are confronted by what lies ahead and where we've come from. We see what is immediately at our feet or impossibly far away. Before us is what is known and unknown. Before us is something new, perhaps unexpected, an adventure — or the warm embrace of home and the familiar. And occasionally there are impediments in our path. How will we overcome them?

I was pleased to see in this selection that the photographers so seamlessly blended form and content — and led the eye not only through a three-dimensional space, but around the two-dimensional plane of the picture. They deftly handled color and chiaroscuro equally and balanced fact and mystery in order to engage the viewer and leave us wanting more.

Stephen Perloff, Editor
The Photo Review

  • All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog;
  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, a free exhibition catalog, and a signed copy of Stephen Perloff's book North Dakota
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror: Stephen Perloff

Stephen Perloff is the founder and editor of The Photo Review (www.photoreview.org), a critical journal of international scope pub-lishing since 1976, and editor of The Photograph Collector, the leading source of information on the photography art market. He has taught photography and the history of photography at numerous colleges and universities. His photographs have appeared in numerous exhibitions and reside in many museum and private collections.

Perloff has been widely praised for his writing about the photography art market and for his extensive reporting on major stories in the photography industry. He has curated more than a score of exhibitions and has also has served as a juror for scores of competitions. His most recent book, North Dakota, was published by wilburerditions in April 2016.

EXHIBIT Closed on April 15th 2018

Juror: Christy Karpinski

© Pere Ibañez
Barcelona, Spain

With the beginning of a new year and the resumption of new Calls for Entry it seemed appropriate to give our contributors a chance to choose their own best photos, regardless of subject or genre, to enter.  Thus we named this exhibition OPEN - 2018, a chance for our contributors to choose their own photo genre. Entrants were encouraged to critique their own portfolio and enter those photos they felt were strongest, recognizing the technical factors that create the "appearance" of their photos - exposure, cropping, focus, depth of focus, etc.  Composition is another big factor to be considered. Is the photo pleasing to the eye, does it follow the "rule of thirds", are there objects or lines in the photo that confuse the eye or lead it to the wrong place(s)?  But at the same time we encouraged entrants not to be  be overly concerned with the "rules". Thinking outside the box is often what makes for a striking photo image.  Or, in the words of Pablo Picasso, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist"

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:15 February 18
Artists' Reception:24 February 18 16:00
Exhibit Closes:15 April 18
Open - 2018
Exhibit Catalog now available at PrestoPhoto

The Darkroom Gallery Difference

Juror's Statement:The process of jurying this exhibition was a total pleasure. It was great to see such varied subjects and styles brought together under the Open theme. For me, the strongest images tend to be ones that spark my imagination and curiosity through composition, technical skill and a point of view. I enjoy when an image creates a sense that I am being shown something more about a person or a place or being given insight that gets me thinking and wondering. I am also taken by strong composition where the subject may not be new to me and may be rather straight forward or even focused on pure visual pleasure, but the presentation and point of view keep me engaged with the image in a way that I want to go back to again and again. This is what was behind the images I chose for this exhibition, along with an effort to represent the diversity of work that I had this wonderful opportunity to spend time with.



EXHIBIT Closed on October 8th 2017

Juror: William Albert Allard

Juror's Choice: Four Giraffes by Bruce Berkow

We’re proud to present Multiples, Darkroom Gallery’s 99th exhibition. In keeping with the repetitiveness of the numeral nine in 99, the theme of repeating subjects seemed like a good way to mark this milestone. As in the above photo by our juror William Albert Allard, the subjects in your photos need not be alike, but they should be all of the same kind or genre, in this case three buildings. Other than that requirement the subjects of your entry can be anything.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:14 September 17
Artists' Reception:23 September 17 16:00
Exhibit Closes:8 October 17
Exhibit Catalog now available at PrestoPhoto

The Darkroom Gallery Difference

Think of birds on a wire, triplets, a repetitive pattern in a natural  formation, like mountains, clouds and sand dune crests, a city skyline, patterns in graphic or decorative motifs. Look for the repeating forms in your life and photos!

Juror’s Statement

Overall I was impressed with the submissions. I eliminated some pictures because I thought the processing was perhaps too heavy, too obvious, and became more important than the subject matter. There were some images, many images, if fact, that needed simply clearer vision. I always wonder why people will submit a picture that obviously need better, cleaner framing. It's the old Hemingway thing I teach in workshops: get rid of the extraneous. Cut away, cut away, cut away that which you don't need. However, considering we started with so many images the number that fell short because of visual clutter was not too big.

William Albert Allard
National Geographic Society






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