Exhibitor History

Susana O'Docharty
Houston, TX USA

I represent the people, animals & issues that are a challenge in today's world. Latin culture, endangered bees & animals are my passion. I am devoted to bringing spotlights that focus on the people or animals I was raised with. In the heritage of my mother's land: Venezuela, I was surrounded by exotic animals from an early age. Bringing awareness to the disappearance or endangerment of any culture, insect or animal is my passion. I want to focus on all Latin culture. Venezuela is in trouble. We went from the top of the heap to the bottom because of communism. I recently visited Cuba & found that even that country is advancing while Venezuela crashes. Being half Latin & half Irish Texan, I have a deep devotion to my roots in the Lone Star state. As a 6th generation Texan, it's not easy to ignore the Lone Star State. Born in Texas, I went directly to Venezuela after 2 weeks & stayed 18 years. Awareness of the endangered is important to me.



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