Exhibitor History

Larry A Dunn
Wolcott, VT USA

My fascination with photography started over 40 years ago in my father’s small darkroom tucked under the basement stairs. There I learned the chemistry that made the pictures magically appear out of apparent thin air. Out in the field with my father, I learned how to use the camera to compose the photograph and get the image that I envisioned. Light, texture and forms still inspire me to keep producing images that I hope inspire, fascinate and please those who take the time to look at and enjoy them as much as I do. Often my wife will ask “what are you looking at” when I shoot some of my photos and will sometimes wonder about the photographs I produce. I hope my photography has both fascinated and brought you enjoyment. “When I see something I react to it and I state it, and that's the equivalent of what I felt. So I give it you as a spectator, and you get it or you don't get it, but there's nothing on the back of the print that tells you what you should get.” Ansel Adams



Cuyuni Potato Farmer - Peru

Monaco High Rises

Awnings & Balconies
2013 Champlain Valley Photo Slam

2013 Champlain Valley Photo Slam

2013 Champlain Valley Photo Slam

Color Story

Auburn 8
Color Story

Orange & Chrome

Red Poppy
The Built Environment