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Exhibitor History

Robertino R. Ragazza
San Jose, California USA
My photography explores the intersections of people and the environment: how the human relationship to society, economy, and community is being influenced, transformed by contemporary economic forces and global environment and change. Growing up in San Jose, my work approach draws heavily upon my roots in the state’s technology capital, Silicon Valley, which serves both as the backdrop and thematic touchstone of my work for several years. “Waiting & In-Transit” is a direct reactionary response and outgrowth from my observations. It focuses on individuals who I come in direct contact with or sharing a brief moment of conversation during my daily commute navigating the constraint and difficulties of public transportations. Shared time, quick interactions or full conversations, a connection is formed.The dualities of life and pain, desire and constraint, the secular and the sacred are but some of the experiences which draw me to document life’s tribulations on that instant.


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