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Cranbourne, Victoria Australia

International award winning photography artist Terence Colin Kneale . I was born in the Douglas , Isle Of Man in 1963 . We moved to Australia for a better life for the family which consisted 6 of us . I grew up surrounded by nature so as a kid I just loved exploring all kinds of things , although I wasn't so keen on snakes . My main Art is derived from nature itself , this is what I choose for my canvas due to the love and education of what nature has given me in all kinds of ways . I do use lots of styles due to the nature of photography which has so many artistic avenues to delve into . I do master every technique of a particular style before moving on to a new technique . My artistic style has won me many prestigious Awards worldwide with an accrued total of 110 awards to date including The Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2010 at The Global Photo Awards . Showing the world my vision through the lens is very special . Peace & good health to all .


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