Exhibitor History

Carsten Meier
Logan, Utah USA

DAM This work is comprised of photographs and digital images of dams in various expressions and forms. I hope to show that while dams demonstrate the human capacity to harness nature’s resources, they also remind us that the power of nature lies in waiting on the other side. The main body of work, now published as a monograph titled DAM, features valley view perspectives of various concrete arch dams from locations in the United States and Europe. The essential approach of this project was the creation of a loose typology that aims to make the differences of a utilitarian architecture noticeable through comparison as well as highlighting the identifiable features of their surrounding landscapes. Recently, I have enhanced this body of work further through the addition of digital compositions of satellite/aerial photographs layered precisely with official topographic maps of the same locations, as well as the addition of black and white photographs documenting the “bathtub rings”.



Tableau No.1 – 6, Sediment Deposits Near the Rincon NE, Lake Powell, Utah 2016