Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

William Horton
Boulder, CO USA
I photograph what interests me and then work with the image to bring out and emphasize the feelings and emotions the scene evoked: Those things that caused me to make the photograph in the first place. Nothing more, nothing less. To that end, I use light and dark and color to reveal secrets—unknown places, unnoticed patterns, fleeting moments, and unseen aspects of common scenes. My photographs encode no complex verbal message. Their goal is just to provoke surprise and wonder, and to make viewers more attentive to what they see.



Safe Harbor

Neck and Neck

Fog over Lake Ciginovac

Landmannalaugar Hot Springs

Autumn Trout
Honorable Mention
Natural Realm

Swiftcurrent Falls
Natural Realm

Fire on the Mountain
Black & White

Mandala in Black & White 1
Black & White

Mandala in Black & White 2
Black & White

Mandala in Black & White 3
Black & White

Mandala in Black & White 4

Schizoid Bubble
People's Choice
Lost and Found

The Perfect Perch
Honorable Mention
Color Story

Staircase and Shadow
Photography by Design

Honorable Mention
Night Light

Rhythm in Blues