Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

David Quinn
Setauket, NY USA
Over the years, my interests have primarily centered on creating landscape and botanical images with an occasional venture into architectural and street photography. In many of my photographs I strive to evoke an emotion, raise an uncertainty or create a sense of movement either by isolating key elements or by blurring the subject matter. My goal is to share an experience that I found captivating and to encourage the viewer to pause and reflect upon a visual drama in our world. As a self-taught photographer I have learned to enjoy the entire process of shooting, post-production work and printing. Each step is part of the journey towards sharing my work with others. Entering shows on a national level has taught me to be more critical of my images and to reflect upon the meanings that I wish to convey. To me, a photograph has so much more value when it is seen by others.



All that Remains 6

Reaching Out III
Natural Realm

Ditch Plains II

Far Away

Working Iron

Iron Pour V
Real Life

Day is Done
Lost and Found

Abandoned IV
Lost and Found

Abandoned V
Rare Earth

Reaching Out
Photography by Design

On the Rocks
Photography by Design

Over There
Among Trees

Long Ago
Among Trees