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Michael Havice
Whitefish Bay, WI USA

Artist Statement: While composing a frame, I strive for perfect visibility, line, shape and depth to draw a viewer into the moment. My subject is framed so an audience can see what I see. Manipulating image controls enhance and sometimes amplify my interpretation of the photographic moment for visual enjoyment, awe and inspiration. When I select images for presentation, I consider how I will work with exposure, color, depth and relationships within the image to engage the viewer. My photographic goal is to present viewers with an opportunity to share the moment as each viewer creates a personal experience because of my work. The stories and feelings created while “taking in” my image is a personal interpretations of my photographic art.


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Under Tanzania Sky

Blue Dreams

Post - Feast

Palamida Split Fish
Real Life

PUSH Bricks
Real Life

Brick Pick
Real Life

Boy and Bricks
Photography by Design

Garden Gate


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