Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

Wil Scott
Annapolis, MD USA
The visible world is full of complexity, contradictions, and fleeting beauty. A camera is a tool to preserve and discover these things, sometimes in unexpected ways. My works attempt to recognize distinctive patterns of light and shadow, arrangements of forms, and emphatic color. Unintentionally, or not, all my work is impacted by more than thirty years as an historian of American art and my career at the National Gallery in Washington, DC. Recently, I’ve tended toward dramatic depictions of nature, especially clouds, sunsets, and storms. In my work I try to express a consciousness of the fleeting beauty of the physical world and the limited time we have to experience it. Light and shadow are the means to construct strong compositions, while engaging the emotions. I believe I can capture visual appearances which convey a subliminal apprehension of time and death. Architecture and clouds repeatedly engage me in this process.


In Stillness

At Rest
In Stillness

TJ's Lunch Counter

The Fun Is Gone
Construct: Art in Architecture

Desert Towers at Sunset
Shadow and Light

New England Geometry


Midsummer Dream
Five Elements

Midsummer Dream
Photography by Design

Memories of Spain, Santander, 2012