Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

Paul M. Murray
Jamestown, RI USA
A Rhode Island native and extensive traveler, Paul is an internationally recognized color photographer and skilled journalistic writer. His expression in images, words and design reflect a blend of his lifelong interests in art, nature, technology, aviation, urban life and societal change. His approach to photography and life is to remain open, trust his instincts and discard labels that are divisive. He uses technology to increase his creative options and productivity but not to replace his vision and responsibility. Among those who have influenced his expression are documentary photographers Dorothea Lange and Helen Levitt, natural light photographer Jay Maisel, painter and photojournalist Librado "Lee" Romero, print-maker and pin-hole photographer Walter "Rusty" Crump, and designer and artist Ken Done. Paul is a firm believer in giving back to the community through his photography and writing, and has donated his skills to community efforts in several states.


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Personal Perspective

Antarctica Valley Cloud
Personal Perspective

WaterFire Blaze
Open - 2018

Sunrise In The Lemaire

No Way...
Natural Realm

Antarctica Rising
Natural Realm

Midnight In The Lemaire
Still Life/Life Still

Trinidad Turquoise
Still Life/Life Still

Havana Living #3
Far Away Places

The Daily Grind
Far Away Places


Home From School

Tacking Duel

Icelandic Lights

Basalt Beach
Five Elements

Iceland Beach Ice #1
Five Elements

Antarctica Occluded

A Stairway To...
Real Life

Training For Life
Real Life

Hard Work On A Hot Havana Day
Real Life

Cool, Connected And Patriotic

Living The Dream
Color Story

Reflections Of Renewal
Color Story

Pride And Excellence
Rare Earth

Antarctica Portal
Juror's Choice


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