Exhibitor History

Marianne Smith Dalton
Cazenovia, NY USA

History defines each of us, and for me the link between the past and present has always captivated me. In fact, as an artist it defines much of what I do, and even how I live my life. It’s as if I always have one foot in the past, and one in the present. In my photographs I deliberately create a study of tensions and contrasts between the figure and the settings they inhabit, while presenting the cycles of degeneration and renewal, the metaphors for life and death. As I stage each photograph, I cannot help but think how each of us carries a unique, differing history, while at the same time; we all share the same origin of birth and death. Can facing our mortality transform our psyche, providing greater strength and power? As I explore this question I am further driven to produce images that touch upon the inevitability of our fate through ideas of reflection, mystique and contemplation.


Mirror, Mirror

"Inside Looking Out"

The View to Forever