Exhibitor History

Gary Field
Tewksbury, MA USA

For me, art is a means of expressing emotions and desires that words don’t convey effectively. I don’t personally feel able to create art in the form of paintings, drawings, or sculptures, but photography feels very natural to me, and is therefore my “go to medium”. If the viewer feels inspired to look at my photographs repeatedly in search of more depth and meaning, then I feel I have succeeded. Being an engineer by trade, my instincts naturally run in a more technical vein. I have chosen to pursue art in the form of photography to balance my left brain activity with something non-technical and creative. I have long been an admirer of the female form. It should be no surprise that fine art nudes have become one of my favorite subjects. Gary is a published portrait photographer specializing in pinup, boudoir and fine art photography, with a studio in Wilmington, MA.



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