Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

Thomas Pickarski
New York, New York USA
I’ve always been intrigued by the process of consciously transcending reality through exploring, and then shifting, one's perception. Several years ago I set out on a series of international travel adventures to confront psychological fear and limitation. Having lived in the scorching deserts of Arizona for many years, I was intensely drawn to the opposing arctic deserts of places like Iceland, Greenland, and Patagonia. I traveled twice a year for month-long adventures on a bicycle, days away from anyone, and camping in a little tent. I carried a small pocket camera and a notebook, and created several series of short stories and B&W digital photographs. The stories are shaped around the encounters, miracles, and transformations that occurred along the way. The images reflect my love for the unusual shapes, fragile settings, and desolate landscapes I discovered. I continue to return to these places. Each time, the layers of exploration continue to broaden and deepen.


This Land

Landscape no. 21 (Iceland)
This Land

Landscape no. 29 (New Mexico)
Honorable Mention
This Land

Masked Figure no. 2
Juror's Choice

Ice Moon, from the series, Floating Blue
Open - 2018

Desertscape no. 5
Pathways and Passages

The Road to Nowhere Never Ends
Le Paysage

Earth Moon

Ice Sculpture. Greenland

Fish Drying Rack, an Iceberg Passes, Greenland

Natural Realm

Walls of Ice, Greenland
Black & White

The Dark and the Light, Iceland
Honorable Mention
Far Away Places

Time, Ice, and the Warm Rain Falling

Summer Rain, Abbey Street, Dublin