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Exhibitor History

Jeff Dannay
Scottsdale, AZ United States
I am a travel and landscape photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona who strives to capture the innate beauty of a country through environmental portraiture, architecture, and its landscapes. I am drawn to areas that have been unaffected by modernization, focusing on its natural beauty and its people. I have always loved traveling, but recently I severely caught the travel bug with visits to many United States national parks, Alaska, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. As a supplement to my photography, I'm an avid travel blogger ( writing about unique aspects of a culture while adding a dash of humor. My on-line gallery is at I have been fortunate to receive recognition for some photographs including winning Photoshop World Guru Award for Photography, winning "Wildlife" category in Arizona Highways Photo Contest, and publication in Arizona Highways, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Photo


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The Portrait

Snake Boy

Phonebooth - Why?
People's Choice
Open - 2018

The Street Vendor

Stormy Stockholm


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