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Exhibitor History

Marta Manning
Midland, MI USA
Marta Manning was born in Poland, and balances her artistic endeavors with a career as a research and development chemist. Much of Marta’s work involves film and alternative processes, which she combines to create a specific mood in her photos. The art is enmeshed with introspective and psychoanalytical components, which allow Marta to explore issues such as traumatic memories, dreams and fantasies, family history, mental illness, and addiction in her work. Marta’s photography invites the viewer to look below the surface, using carefully directed lighting and symbolism to set the tone.


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The Flood
The Environmental Portrait


Rocking Horse

XY: Masculinity in Photography

Street Wise
XY: Masculinity in Photography

New Archetypes Series: The Anarchist

The Synthesis of Forgetting Step 1: Assembly


Upcoming Exhibits




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