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Exhibitor History

James Niven
Sydney, N.S.W. Australia
Born in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND & having lived in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, Suva, FIJI & Los Angeles, USA, I now call Sydney home. My initiation into Photography started on a 1986-87 road trip around Australia working on farms & fruit picking to sustain our way & was fully realised the following year on a trip that took me through India, Nepal & Bhutan. This trip really opened my eyes to the world around me and from that moment on, I’ve travelled with my film camera wherever I go, observing & capturing scenes from around the globe. I favour 35mm, but also enjoy medium and 4x5 format shooting both in Colour and Black and White. Photography for me, personally, is about being present and in the moment, giving me a clearer perspective of the world around me. It awakens my senses. Provides me artistic expression. But most importantly, enjoyment.


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Real Life

Calcutta. India


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