Exhibitor History

Norman Borden
New York, NY USA

Norman Borden, photographer I’m a street photographer. My pictures define who I am, how I think, what I like and, of course, how I see the world. While my primary interest is photographing people – their behavior, gestures and appearance – I also consider myself a social documentarian. As I wander the city I photograph the events and urban landscapes that are all part of the story of New York. My images are part of a visual diary; my record of something I saw on a particular day that spoke to my sensibilities. I sneak shots on the subway and stand on busy street corners to capture faces in the crowds. Like William Klein, Garry Winogrand, Jay Maisel and Elliott Erwitt before me, I photograph to see if I’ll still like the image a day, week or even a year later. My process is simple enough, and reflects Gary Winogrand’s dictum: “I photograph to see what it looks like photographed.” I’ve learned I can expect the unexpected.



Baby Face
Honorable Mention

No Diving

The Bowery