Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

Holly Thompson
New Braunfels, TX USA
With my photographs, I wish to connect people to me and to the world. I notice details present in ordinary life. I’m a technical perfectionist and I like unique, clean compositions. I use the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Spiral, and the Golden Triangle for basic compositions. Color, texture, form, depth, lines, and light are my preferred primary design elements in my images. My work often explores singularity utilizing subject matter, composition, or design elements, while evoking a sense of Zen when viewing my images. The contemplative nature of my photography is directly related to my being quite introspective and introverted, spending a lot of time alone as a child and young adult, and finding peace with myself and my perfectionistic quirks. I hope you see the beauty in what I see. Thank you for stopping by.


The Portrait

The Monster Under the Bed is Me
Personal Perspective

Living Room Fort
Honorable Mention
Open - 2018

Lost in My Head
Pathways and Passages

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night


In Shadow
In Stillness

Behind the Beauty
Manus et Pedibus

Living Room Fort

Lost in My Head
Natural Realm

The Birds
Natural Realm

Mirror, Mirror

Ghostly Presence