Exhibitor History

Katia Platonova
St.Petersburg, Russia

Belief in deity of human beings and world around is the main theme of the Artist’s photography. Katia was born in Leningrad (St.Petersburg), and is closely associated with this misty City. In the Artist’s early works - feeling of deep insight of the City’s aura (“Tree of Life”, “Waft”, “While people are asleep series”). In her portrait photography Katia seeks to unveil someone’s deep and intricate inner world, her models are people of character with life of challenge. In the recent years Katia tends to create works in the abstract-symbolic style, which is an attempt to interpret her experience – life journey and world travel. Awards: 2013 - Finalist of the contest "Best of Russia 2013" 2013 - Finalist of the National Geographic contest "Wild Nature of Russia" 2012 - short list for Still life category for Best Photographer 2012 Works represented on Photobiennale II, III - Russian Museum, private collections, Artist’s studio.


Far Away Places

The Face in the Sky, close by and far away, unveils a Secret

Silent Landscape

Five Elements

The Weave
Five Elements

Platinum Sand Series