Exhibitor History

Julius Kassovic
Silver Spring, Maryland USA

Julius Kassovic: INTIMATE WATERSCAPES From a distance, the waters of a polluted urban creek formed part of a beautiful landscape; looking closer I saw garbage and erosion. Looking closer yet, with a camera lens almost in the water, a mysterious new world appeared: a world at water level, where light and shadows and water and ice interact in ways that are impossible to see from high on a bank with dry feet. Trees, skies, leaves, pebbles, grasses and junk combine to form phantasmagorical waterscapes: vistas upside-down; horizons askew; backgrounds as foregrounds; weird and lurid reflections. Minimal post-processing is needed to reveal the beauty of these strange waterscapes. I have been walking the creek in all weather for six years, looking for liquidly ephemeral visions of beauty, where light, shadows and reflections combine, dissolve and recombine. Even a little polluted urban stream can create worlds of mysterious beauty.


Five Elements