Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

Eric Rennie
Cromwell, CT USA
“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera,” Dorothea Langue once said. It is basically a framing device, a way of saying, “Look at this!”  The camera itself sees nothing; it is the eye that sees. Something catches your eye, and your hand fiddles with the camera settings and then snaps the picture.  There will be additional adjustments to the negative or, more likely these days, to the digital image that is uploaded to a computer.  All these refinements serve a single purpose: to produce an image capable of momentarily arresting one's attention from its ceaseless wandering.  Even the most artful photograph is a poor substitute for the visual splendor that lies before at us every moment.  Yet this poor image will have served its purpose if it can trick the eye into seeing.



Harbor Park in Fog 5

In Stillness

Aunt Mildred's Bureau

Cotton Hollow

Two Boats
Natural Realm

Cascade II

Apologies to Jackson Pollack
Mirror, Mirror

Framed Self-Portrait
Five Elements

Pond in Summer
Human Artifact

Aunt MIldred's Bedroom