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Exhibitor History

Parrish Dobson
Belmont, MA USA
Parrish Dobson: I make photographs which are places to stand, points from which to begin contemplation. In the natural landscape or interiors, I hope these questions emerge in the viewer: who has come before me? what did they dream? can I hear them still? shall I walk down this path or that one? The work submitted for the “Still Life/Life Still” is from a new series entitled “The Touch of a Distant Hand.” These are well used kitchen and carpenter tools from several homes in Maine and from the North Haven Historical Museum collection. By isolating these tools in a sort of ceremonial settings, I hope to give them the dignity and reverence that they have earned in the hands of people long gone. Each image is in a sense the beginning stanza of a poem or the start of a story.


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Still Life/Life Still



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