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Exhibitor History

Dominic Lippillo
Starkville, MS USA
In, “Stories We Tell Ourselves”, my fascination with memory, landscape, vernacular images, and narrative coalesce in a series of constructed photographic images. Drawing influence from painter, Edward Hopper, and writer, Raymond Carver, the goal of my photographic series is to create open-ended narratives that are set in non-specific American landscapes to create a visual conversation where loneliness and longing border bewilderment and hope in depictions of mundane daily happenings. Throughout the series, I use figures extracted from vernacular images purchased second hand to composite into vacant landscapes. The depicted figures and landscapes activate one another while taking on new visual roles to signify generalities, rather than specificity and individuality. In doing so the constructed images develop new meanings that have now become mysterious rather than innocent.


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Pathways and Passages

Semi Truck
Black & White

Man Holding Bottle
Black & White

Woman Holding Child
Black & White

Man Wearing Bow Tie
Still Life/Life Still



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