Exhibitor History

Dana West
Chicago, IL USA

Dana West uses art as both an exploration and a personal catharsis. While her main medium of choice is photography, her art has also delved into other mediums that maintain this duality of expression. Her work is focused on the woman – the interconnectivity of all women as well as the striking subject of a woman alone in the world. [...] Although it is clear that West picks inspiration from an object she passes just as much as from her own past, she qualifies her work as very auto-biographical; a personal history of the artist, made ever more intriguing by the viewer’s own emotion which inevitably shifts and changes the art they encounter. Ultimately, West’s work is an act of courage, of a woman finding her voice, the mediums to amplify it, and using them. It is also an act of reaching out – reaching out to other women who are, as she puts it, “stained by life, stained but not destroyed.” by Eleanor Goldfield


Black & White

Growing Up with Dinosaurs

Stand Up Straight - as triptych
Honorable Mention