Exhibitor History

Louise Parms
Bronx, New York USA

Accompanied by a digital camera, I frame, record, and catalogue every day images encountered from my windowsill, while walking to work, or when traveling both near and far. These digital bits of life captured in medias res become a visual diary of usually fleeting and rarely noticed moments within a day—the beginnings or turnings in the natural state of an object, or a certain slant of light—that often reflect my vantage point from within a personal circumference of place. I seek to interpret, through the language of light and shadow, beginnings, middles, and ends, the poetry or “amazing sense” embedded in the “ordinary” moments captured daily.


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Moonlit Moon Jar
In Stillness

Through Goldilocks' Eyes
Juror's Choice
In Stillness

Outside Voyeur
Optics Illusioned

Mirrored Sky Meditation: Egret Gathering
Shadow and Light

Morning Sill
Natural Realm

Mirrored Sky Meditation: Egret


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