Exhibitor History

Louise Parms
Bronx, New York USA

Accompanied by a digital camera, I frame, record, and catalogue every day images encountered from my windowsill, while walking to work, or when traveling both near and far. These digital bits of life captured in medias res become a visual diary of usually fleeting and rarely noticed moments within a day—the beginnings or turnings in the natural state of an object, or a certain slant of light—that often reflect my vantage point from within a personal circumference of place. I seek to interpret, through the language of light and shadow, beginnings, middles, and ends, the poetry or “amazing sense” embedded in the “ordinary” moments captured daily.



Moonlit Moon Jar
In Stillness

Through Goldilocks' Eyes
Juror's Choice
In Stillness

Outside Voyeur
Optics Illusioned

Mirrored Sky Meditation: Egret Gathering
Shadow and Light

Morning Sill
Natural Realm

Mirrored Sky Meditation: Egret