Exhibitor History

Patrizio Cipollini
Roma, RM Italy

Patrizio Cipollini started shooting in 1975 with a borrowed camera and soon learned how to develop B&W films and print photos, both for himself and for other amateur photographers. He bought his first Olympus OM1 camera in 1977. He started using Kodak Ektachrome 64 slides during the 80s: his ghaphic and colorful compositions earned him several amateur prizes and honorable mentions. Patrizio started his digital-era late, around 2005; at the end of the decade he focused on and experimented the potential of low-resolution cellphone cameras, much before the latest smartphones built-in photo manipulation apps. In 2011 he went back to analogic media, falling in love with old polaroids – both instant (peel-off) and integral (SX 70) processes, and he is now an active member of Polaroiders community (www.polaroiders.it). In 2013 he started workshops on Polaroid history, cameras, shooting, image manipulation and lifting. Several Patrizio’s photos have been published by IL MANIFESTO newspaper.