Exhibitor History

Susan Copich
Hillsdale, New York USA

Having been a performer most of my life, one day my agent stopped calling, my children not as sweet as I’d like and my marriage not so new. After taking some umpteenth, continuing education, photography class, we studied Cindy Sherman’s work, that night, I turned the camera onto myself. I bring to it, the experience of my own traverse: from growing up the sixth of seven children in Youngstown, Ohio, to single, radical, modern dancer, choreographer struggling to make the rent in 1990’s San Francisco to actress and married mom with two young girls, enrolled in private school in Manhattan and now rural, upstate New York. I feel a certain freedom to live vicariously through these characters to engage, seek to navigate, both my own personal imperatives as woman, artist, mother, and wife, as well as those – personal, social and cultural – that are imposed on me by others. I use American proverbs, idioms and old biblical sayings as a spring board to each dramatic set-up.


In the Moment

FIRE, Palappuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India, 2016,