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Anneleen Lindsay
Edinburgh, Scotland UK

Anneleen Lindsay is a professional freelance photographer, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She enjoys storytelling portraiture, collaborative projects with fellow creatives and the interplay between people and their environments. Her interests in literature, vintage style and psychogeography - and her love of traipsing through moors and forests - are reflected in her images. Anneleen's work has been exhibited in London, Edinburgh, Mexico, the USA and Vietnam and featured in the New York Times and the London Evening Standard. She was a winner in the British Journal of Photography's 'Portrait of Britain' and the British Council's 'Shakespeare Lives in Photography' competitions. She achieved a distinction in the BA in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College and is a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Anneleen has also been a member of the Retina Scottish Photography Festival organising committee since its inception in 2014.


Dreams and Hallucinations

I wandered lonely


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