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Bruce Hemingway
Seattle, WA - Washington USA

I am a Fine Art photographer and lover of old lenses. I love the pictorialists, particularly Stieglitz, Steichen, Kasebier and the Photo-Secession. I'm working to create a New Pictorialist style that combines the unique qualities of historic lenses with techniques of digital imaging and processing, using image enhancement in the spirit and style of the Pictorialists. I cast much of my work in Pictorialist tones and lens techniques to portray the desolated essence of a place's past. As such I manufacture memories with my photographs. The image becomes the memory, and wipes out other memories that conflict. I become the photograph. The Pictorialist essence guides my work: "Nothing in Nature has a hard outline, but everything is seen against something else, and its outlines fade gently into that something else, often so subtly that you cannot quite distinguish where one ends and the other begins." -Dr. P.H. Emerson, "Naturalistic Photography for Students of the Art" (1889)


Dreams and Hallucinations

Portal, from Theatre of Fear


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