Exhibitor History

Josiane Keller
Cleveland, OH United States

I am since childhood strongly near-sighted as well as face-blind. Investigating human visual perception and visual memory, I am attempting to create images that resemble my own visual experience and memory more accurately than most commercially produced photography does. Why take a photograph at all? What is the difference between a photograph of a human being and a photograph of a doll of a human being? I am interested in finding out where the border is, if there is any. Also a photograph is a form of "doll" or stand-in for what or who it depicts and there are various reasons and purposes to create them. Connecting to the tradition of Hans Bellmer and Morton Bartlett, I work almost exclusively with constructed photography, creating all my models myself. “Being a woman myself with many of my figures being women, the dolls in my work have become also a mask and a double when needed, that grant me the space and also distance necessary to engage in and investigate these questions.



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