Exhibitor History

Arpad Petrass
Capistrano Beach, CA USA

Creativity should be his middle name. Born in 1953 in Budapest, Hungary, Arpad Petrass has over 40 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry as a Scenic and Lighting Designer and Technical Director. He is currently a Technical Director at Disney Creative Entertainment and resides in Capistrano Beach, CA. Arpad says that “Photography should delight and excite the senses. There are so many magical moments in life that if you were to just stop, pause and look around, you could begin to experience life’s extraordinary beauty." "Photography can be classical, whimsical, realistic, dramatic, breath taking or artistic. The image is created through the eye of the photographer and his camera. It does not matter how it was created. What really matters is how does the photograph make you feel? What emotions are invoked in you? Are you sad or happy, does it make you want to own it, experience it, taste it, be in it? What we experience and believe about the world is our perception of it. “



The Gentle Giant

Storm Clouds